No Pop Ups. No Ads.



Today I have finally begun unsubscribing from Blogs that feature Pop Ups, Ads and weird Follow requests that no amount of scrolling provides escape. As a person with a Visual Impairment it is almost impossible for me to read your blog posts with Ads and Pop Ups obscuring the text. Either make a plain Jane vanilla blog or insert something that will read the blog post for those with vision problems. It is not worth my while to be frustrated. I just unsubscribe.

And No I cannot download any software that prevents Pop Ups. I was given this Lap top back in 2013 and it can no longer accept downloads nor can I afford a new lap top. Now if anyone out there wants to buy me a laptop I accept all offers.

Oh Yes stop putting moving requests to subscribe to your blog. These request block the text and even when I try to scroll away from the request I cannot. The stupid thing follows me. Very annoying.  BTW Put that Like Button on your page and in your emails. I know that sometimes WordPress kidnaps the Like Button but please don’t make me go looking for your like Button. More frustration.

This also applies to writers and authors. If you want the visually impaired community to read your books put them on Kindle or Audio Books. I am reading (for me listening is now reading) to a very funny Audio book using my Kindle. I’m also very Thankful for YouTube because right now as I’m getting ready for work I’m listening to The Holy Bible Book of Proverbs. Why because I can no longer read the Bible I’ve had for years.  It’s also a reason to avoid church because when everyone gets up to read the scripture all I can do is listen to whatever the Pastor is saying and commit it to memory.  Fortunately I’ve memorized many Bible scriptures from childhood so I can get the gist of what the sermon entails.

So now I say Farewell and Goodbye to all Blogs with Ads and Pop Ups. See ya!







Tanya from Montreal – Artist Extraordinaire 

Greetings fellow New Yorkers. If you live in the New York City area and have a clean, safe room for this gifted and talented young woman artist please contact me via the email listed on the original post. Help me to Help Tanya.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Tanya from Montreal

My Artist buddy who displays her artwork at 14th street Union Square Subway station

Tanya is seeking to rent a room in an area safe for young Ladies. If you have a reasonable price room close to Manhattan please email me at and I will contact Tanya. Thanks.

Working as a museum security guard I don’t have much to give but I always make sure that Tanya has a few dollars.

New York the City of Dreams. May All of Tanya Dreams come true.

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