Chatty Grim Reaper’s Harvest



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Chatty Grim Reaper’s Harvest

Khia’s Harvest Journey Travels

A Cloud Walker Goes on a Vision Quest


Khia much recovered excused herself from dinner table to out to the forestwood moss-glenn. Gathering stones to trip over Lake-pond had a soothing effect on her confused weary soul. Scripted answers and Old Wives tales breathed Khia. That’s all I get from the Venerable Ones!

The smells of flowers, plants, bushes and trees intoxicated Khia’s brain. Khia lay back on virulent mossy leaves with her bare feet resting upon the stones who then began to speak into her toes. Transmuting antediluvian wisdom but not in order making it nearly impossible for Khia to decipher the rapid fire messages. So Khia prayed to Sojourner Goddess anchor your canvas skin shelters near mine that I may gain the wisdom, knowledge and understanding beyond that of the Venerable Ones! Let me Not be swept away by the strong currents of Medicine River prematurely ending my earthly suspension. Imprint upon me my portion that I may fulfill my granted Harvest.

Khia. Compassion is a Form of Resistance and Defiance.

Are you ready to create an Insurrection?

Are you able to quench the fires of convention?

Can you rebuke the devourer and save the Uncharted Land?

To do so you must enter the Dark Light. A world transverse with both sacred and unholy beings ready to do battle to protect their territory. I shall place you in a strict regime of study and tutoring. Molding you as the Potter molds the clay. Spinning, shaping and weaving. The wheel and the Loom shall come together.

It is time for you to sit the Petal Stool. For here are the romantic stories and old Legends that must become embedded within your soul and spirit in preparation for battle. Come Let Us Walk in the Mountains for all answers and solutions reside in them. It is yours by Divine Right. The Pleasures of Solitude shall be your Saving Grace. As Moses had Aaron and Zipporah so shall you receive Brother Khemet of the Great Green Crystals.


Back home June Bug spoke Lightening to Le’Andra and Le’Andra answered back with Thunder. Khia’s ready you know. Her curiosity cannot be overcome. Her calling must receive response. It is her time. Khia’s time. She must withdraw.

Yes spoke Le’Andra in silent thought transference. Her behavior. Her special behavior. I too sensed the Mountains speaking but it frightened me so and I don’t want to let go. Not many have survived the machinations of the Chigy-Nomay. But I knew she was chosen absorbing her late mother’s last breaths of childbirth and fighting her way out of afterbirth cowl. She is assembling life from ancestor memories separating iKons from glitter trash as Andorra energy evolves within her being.

Together June Bug and Le’Andra resonated It is Time for Khia to Sit the Petal Stool.

The Mountain Petal Stool. 

Raising her hands upwards Kinks and Koils ascending from her crown Khia shouted to the Universe and Venerable Earth Mother took her up in the Golden Chariot arraying in the finest silks and satins to wander the paths of the Green gold Mountain Labyrinth walking the Dream lines in perfect synchronicity. There the Muses and Fates met her to acknowledge the first Dream Test.

Psalm 18:33

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

33 He makes my feet like hinds’ feet,
And sets me upon my high places.

Break Free and Come Forth!


Open the Dream Palace to the UnVeiled Mysteries!

Adore the Light! Yes Venerable Earth Mother I will Adore the Light!

Orishas and Luna Adore the Light! Meditate on Luna Light!

Earthship passed betwixt sun and Moon.

I have been waiting for you. Waiting always. In the midst out of the Myst came the Whistler. The Whistler who was present at my birth. There for my Mother’s transition now appeared in Her Full Glory of bright vivid raiment bedecked with Jewels that I might attain my purpose and mission. Her tightly coiled Locs were red, blue, and violet hues free flowing whipping in the breeze of arrival.

Your Mothers was a truncated race but you shall finish your course. I shall send Brother Khemet with the Sacred Crystal when the need arises.

But first let us attend to the mundane. I need no sustenance as I am in my Ascended body but you have not yet attained and require earthly nourishment.


Urchins in the well.





Welcome to the Dinner Party


































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