West Wing Goodfellas

Lately when I read the newspaper or read news articles on my cell phone  I get the feeling more and more each day that the Oval Office and White House cronies are just another version of the movie Goodfellas or the TV SHOW The Sopranos. 

People judge those who have a rough life in Urban areas but these White House aides and Cabinet members are more thuggish, ghetto hood rat than anyone living in the poorest neighborhood in Queens or Brooklyn.  Dhrump cronies drop more F-Bombs and make more threats than any Gangster Rapper. The 1% are the real Gangsters. 

As for #45 aka Agent Orange, There is no honor among thieves. Never mind Draining the Swamp!  Somebody Take Out the Trash! 

Gotta keep the devil way down in the hole.

Subway Trash can 

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