Writers, Want More Print Coverage? My PR Friend Marsha Has The Answer!

The Pen is Mightier than the sword but Publicity helps get the word out regarding your writing!! Come on and join me in the Lyon’s Writing Den. My friend and buddy Cat Lyon!! Rawrrr!!

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Offer Up Your Own Articles As
A Writer!


One often overlooked means of getting great publicity is to contribute articles you wrote yourself to publications. Not only does your published byline boost your visibility, it provides an excellent credential.

While many of the major national publications don’t accept unsolicited articles, some do set aside space for contributor columns or accept guest columns on their op-ed pages. The New York Daily News and Newsmax, for instance, have published many articles written by our clients. In some cases, these articles have drawn the attention of other media, leading to more exposure for our clients.

Smaller publications, trade magazines, and online publications also may be good places for your articles to land. These publications often have small staffs, so they’re happy to get well-written articles that they don’t have to pay for. Your reward is the publicity you’ll receive because you’ll…

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