AABR Choir Supporting St. Judes Children’s Hospital



Today I was honored to attend the AABR Salute to Cancer Survivors. We either made or signed cards for the children at St. Judes Childrens Hospital. In return we received colorful Cancer Survivor Bracelets

The AABR Choir regaled us with such uplifting songs as Lean on Me, I Believe I can Fly, Stand by Me, Proud Mary, La Bamba, etc… Keep in mind that despite having developmentally disabilities the AABR Choir sang the songs from memory. Also many of the clients are also blind. Who are we to complain? The reason that you don’t see any photos of the choir is for privacy reasons.

Stephen did not sing but as you can see from the photos he did have some M&M Moments and joined his comrades at the end lending his support.

I was so happy to see Stephen that I nearly burst into tears. He put his head on my shoulder and we just stood there and hugged.  We have a symbiosis. A Connection that nobody else can understand.



A Disfigured Soul

Something inside me broke. Perhaps because I have so much internal conflict and when I’m with Stephen I can take off the mask. But then again I’m broken. For several weeks something within me has been breaking, collapsing, pieces falling apart. Rolling across the earth. Some swallowed up. Whatever Control I thought I had is long gone. Tiredness and exhaustion have stolen my immortal soul. When you’re lost you no longer know who you are. Prosetry continues here………..https://dancingpalmtrees.com/2017/06/30/a-disfigured-soul/


I think it means Change is on the Horizon. Stephen understands.  He is My Angel. My Savior.   A Prophet for times to come. My reason for living.

Stephen is my Super Hero!!






8 thoughts on “AABR Choir Supporting St. Judes Children’s Hospital

  1. I would love to hear the choir sing! How wonderful. I also really do love how close you and Stephen are. It always fills my heart when you post about seeing him.

    1. If it’s God’s will. I have no control over my life now or any future events. There is nothing I can do or say to bring about positive change. This has been going on a long time. I merely acknowledge the truth.

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