Sylvester on a Rainy Father’s day Caturday 

Remember that Daily Prompt post about blankets a couple of months ago? The one where I showed you Sylvester blankets vs my blankets. Well Sylvester has decided to bogart and take over my blankets that I store in the right side of my closet. He has not laid on his blankets which are on the left side since I wrote that first post. 

Sleepy Sylvester 

7 thoughts on “Sylvester on a Rainy Father’s day Caturday 

  1. He sounds like Sister! So cute! Never a dull moment with a cat around! Are you thinking about getting another cat yet? I have the feeling there is one in your future.

    1. No. Not right now. Actually Weezer arrived after Sylvester’s little mate & best buddy Butters died. Sylvester mourned Butters deeply but when Weezer died I don’t think he cared. Guess he did not allow himself to get close to Weezer. Anyway I’m in a room-mate situation and I don’t think he wants to see another cat in the household. Maybe when I eventually get my own place I might get another kitty.

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