The Wall at 14th Street Union Square

I follow in the footsteps of other famous social activist photographers such as Gordon Parks, Robert Frank, Louis H. Draper and James Van Der Zee.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

I don’t expect this blog post to get many Likes or even views but as a Black Woman Living in a racist sexist ageist country about to be taken over by the devil and his cohorts I cannot ignore what goes on around me and make believe Life is all sugar coated candy canes.

On 9/11 2001 we pulled together as one country, one people. We had a sense of nation and unity. On 11/9 2016 that was all shattered. Hopes for the future died. The rift, divide, chasm caused by the hateful words of one man, one male is who now preparing to be the “leader of the not so free world” has shattered all illusions of unity. He has dug from the filth swampy wastelands to stir up hatreds and vendettas that should have remained buried. Our county has now been thrown into an uncertain chaos which will…

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