Luke Cage! I’ll binge-watch you soon enough.

“Luke Cage!! Very Handsome!! Would not mind waking up next to him!! Woohoo!! I always thought Brotherman Michael Dorn aka Worf from Star Trek was hot but this guy will give him a run for his money!! LOL!! I’m in Love with Tall Dark-Skinned Bald Black Men!! Come here Honey and Let me Rub on that Chrome Dome!!”


Despite the somewhat disappointing Jessica Jones and second season of Daredevil, I’ve been looking forward to Luke Cage. The trailer they dropped a while ago did its job hyping…

Source: Luke Cage! I’ll binge-watch you soon enough.

8 thoughts on “Luke Cage! I’ll binge-watch you soon enough.

  1. I’ve watched the first three episodes, and am watching one per day so it’s no over too soon. Luke Cage will be, I predict, one of Marvel’s number one super heroes. The guy’s awesome.

  2. LOL – you sound like me when I see a fine, bald Brotha-man… “let me rub your head for good luck!”
    That’s the polite thing that I say, ROFL…

      1. Me too! Bald or not as long as he is a B.M.W. Black Man Working or since I’m getting ready to retire Brotherman can be a B.M.R. Black Man Retired!! No Romance without Finance!! 🙂 😀

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