Love Hypocrites

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Veiled Poetry Goddess


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I Love You can be the most meaningful words in the English language or the most empty depending on who is speaking and their motivation. People toss around the word Love and Friend just as the emoticons on Facebook, Email or other types of social media. When you say I Love You to somebody that means you’re willing to stick your neck out for them, be there for them no matter what the circumstances and Love as well as Friendship entails some risk and/or inconvenience. Love is being in a bloody nasty E.R. of a hospital because the one you Love is badly injured or is facing a Life threatening illness. Love is going with someone to their numerous medical appointments or at least making sure they have the means/access to transportation to get to the doctor’s office or hospital. Love is opening your home when said Loved One is about to be evicted, Love is still accepting and valuing your “Friend” | Loved One once they incur a disability that changes their Lives drastically.
Love is making sure that person has food to eat and warm clothing to wear in the scarcity and brutality of winter. Love is unchanging and stable as your friends from childhood and young adulthood change bodily and are no longer able to do the things they once did. Love does not include passing judgment on that person or rejecting them when the chips are down.  Love is truly accepting folks of different sexual orientations.

Before you say you Love someone whether it is your Lover, Spouse, Friend or Family Member read 1 Corinthians 13 and really, truly think about what it is saying. Love is not your church or your religion. It goes beyond that because most folks are just Pew Warmers. They attend church out of duty and obligation or fancy church as a type of social club. Until then Please Stop Telling Me that you Love me because obviously you have No Idea of the True Meaning of the Word. I have no use for “Jesus in a Box” Christians who pull him out like a talisman that will give authority to whatever stupidity is about to come out of their mouths or through their pens/computers. Keep your type of Love for those who fit your narrow criteria.

Also Read Luke 10:25-37

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

Jesus spoke this parable because he knew his audience was composed of religious hypocrites who picked and chose who was worthy of their “Love.” Just Like today. I guess things have not changed all that much.

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11 thoughts on “Love Hypocrites

  1. True words… “love” tends to be over-used by those who don’t know the meaning of the word – and, love needs to be shown, not just spoken of. Lately, more and more people seem to be more concerned about collecting followers and “likes” on FB, WP, Twitter and Instagram than actually getting to know others. Social media has redefined things for many, from what I see…it’s sad.

    1. Facebook like any form of social media has its good and bad sides. Thanks to FB I’ve found school chums from over 45 years ago, information on family members and for co-workers of my company we have our own forum to share information.

      Now folks who rely totally on Facebook or other social medias can encounter problems. Fortunately I was born way before any of these things including computers even existed so I appreciate one-on-one human encounters and I don’t see my cell phone as a permanent umbilical cord like the Millennials. For me as a Baby Boomer technology will only be tools no more no less.

      1. I’m a GenXer, but am not as dependent on my cell phone as Millennials, for sure! I prefer talking to people face-to-face, when able – much easier to get a read on one’s personality, I think.

        FB is probably decent, but I haven’t used much social media since Myspace, LOL – and yes, people who solely depend on social media platforms for interaction are setting themselves up for misery. Just my take on it, anyway.

      2. I work as a security guard in a museum and I marvel that young people can sit in a room filled with great Old Master Renaissance paintings yet glued to their cell phone or tablet screens. Why bother to come to the museum at all. Oh well guess I’m too old to understand! At first I was on Myspace but there were way too many thugs on there. All I got were guys doing prison muscles poses!! LOL!! 🙂

      3. LOL – I marvel at people out to dinner on a “date” – they don’t even look at each other, and barely look at the food that they’re eating…they sit, heads bowed as if in prayer, going tap-tap-tap on their phones. You’re not too old to understand – I don’t get it, either!

      4. ROFLMAO!!! Oh, that would be something to see! That’s something that would have been great for Candid Camera, when that show was still on!

        I used to speak Klingon…but I got out of practice! I need to find my dictionary, LOL

      5. When I was a kid I spoke some Pig Latin but never tried Klingon. I would have learned for that brother who played the Klingon Worf. Michael Dorn is one Fine Brother Man!!

        In the meantime I will continue to work on my Spanish! 🙂

      6. LOL – I definitely remember Pig Latin, and know a little bit of Spanish here and there…but I’m pretty good with German!

        Michael Dorn is indeed fine – cosign on that!

      7. I spent two years living in Augsburg, Germany courtesy of Uncle Sam and the United States Army yet I speak virtually no German. I learned enough to order beer and/or wine and to make sure that I was going into the correct bathroom!! LOL!! 🙂

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