Jesus in the Box Christians


Jesus in the Box Christians

I just “Love” these Jesus in the Box Christians. Especially men. They friend you on FB claiming a shared interest in writing, photography or the Bible. You check out their FB page and it has all sorts of Bible, Jesus and Christian quotes. The next thing you know they send you a Private Message which is actually a proposition. Now the most recent Jesus in the Box fool is from the United Kingdom, Yes Great Britain. The same Great Britain that just Brexit from the European Union. Hmmm….

Guess Christianity was okay when you were colonizing Africa and enslaving my ancestors and it works well for you as you blame immigrants for your economic problems yet it’s okay to put Jesus back in his box when you want to fulfill some sort of Chocolate fantasy. Got your number! Up yours buddy and take your white Euro-Centric Jesus with you on your way out the door!! The Life of a writer complete with freaky ass fans. BTW how is Brexit working out for you?

Let’s not let Americans off the hook. I notice Americans of European descent are eager to pull Jesus out of the box along with Dr. King after each non-stop killings of Black people. Very convenient and handy is Jesus when directed at Blacks. For some reason Blacks are always at fault. We are the error. We are to blame.

These same white Christians cheer on Donald Trump and his evil race baiting rhetoric.

Muslims offend them but not the KKK, the American Nazi Party or the Christian Identity Movement.

Does make me wonder what Bible these people are reading and how do they think that Jesus a brown-skinned Sephardic Jew would approve of any of their actions?

But as we all know 11:00 am Sunday morning is the most biased and separate in America.


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