Brooklyn Museum Contest #Name5WomenArtists

Brooklyn Museum Contest Name 5 Women Artists

Updating this this post.

Can you name #5WomenArtists? Okay since I work for a museum I do have an unfair advantage!!
Augusta Savage
Frida Kahlo
Faith Ringgold
Georgia O’Keefe
Kara Walker
Edmonia Lewis
Elizabeth Catlett
Artemisia Gentileschi
Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun
Rosa Bonheur
Mary Cassatt
Berthe Morisot
Photographer Ming Smith
Marisa Merz
Shades of Alice
Shades of Alice 1988 Acrylic on canvas, tie-dyed, pieced fabric border 58 x 56″ American Craft Museum, New York

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    1. Hopefully my post can serve as a cheat sheet for next year or for the American Mother’s Day! Before I started working at my current job I would have failed also. Working in a museum and having free access to every museum in New York gives me the “heads up.”

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