The Transience of Memory

The Memory much like a Salvador Dali Painting is filed with surrealist things using ever day  objects, that slip and slide out of the doorways in our mind. Windows roll up and down on their own, doors open and close arbitrarily. You’ve entered a dimension where the normal scientific rules are bent on an everyday basis. Youth can be restored if we can just get to the crick of life and heads like dogs lap up the youth sustaining water. Memory is a Bizzaro land in which we create dreams. Memory is the vast wasteland where we recreate our past and try to control and shape the future.

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Athena American Wing
Memory remembering lost youth
Memories of days gone by


Memory: on stone but never in stone.
She Gazes
She Gazes into the Past while Contemplating the Future.
Goddess of Memory
Goddess of Memory gazes at her past.

2 thoughts on “The Transience of Memory

  1. I think some of my doors and windows need oiling since some memories seem to be hidden these days. Things like what I had for breakfast don’t appear so readily yet what I did when I was twenty do.
    Anyone got a can handy?

    1. When I was a kid my parents used 3 in 1 Oil to lubricate hinges, doors, bicycle gears, etc… As for humans it would be best if we just took some Vitamin E or Fish Oil. Memory is a funny thing. I remember stuff that happened over 40 years ago when I was a kid but forget about what I had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes I think memories take hold and stick better when we are young. Such is life.

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