RDP Wednesday – SIBLING


Ragtag Daily Prompt Post–Sibling

Some People might think that having a Sibling with Autism as a burden or hindrance However for me Stephen is my Greatest Blessing. Every day I Thank God for choosing me as Stephen Sister. Stephen is that Good portion of my life when all else goes wrong. For Stephen I would move Heaven and earth.

Sharing some old photos of us from 2013

Kosmic Interstellar Space Baubles

Thurl was a bright Brilliant sparkly girl but an unusual girl who morphed into an even more unique unusual woman.

A Spicy Feral Octogon living that Stealth Life

A woman whose Memory kept falling out all over the ground floor spilling like a fast moving river underneath the closed green door.

Thurl gathered Her nerves carefully packing them up inside a Lime green Holdel bag. Pushing a few items to one side She even found space for mirrors reflections and toasted Dreams.

Carrying it outside burying it under an equally Lime Green Tree. Creating a Discovery Timeline Capsules.

Patting down smoothing the earth in a different direction She knew that crystal green eyed hazel Honey skinned Zohar would rise again. In the meantime She decided to let his untamed havoc rest. For She knew that in a few weeks that there would be a familiar face among the Leaves.

Zohar his being a mixture of Holy Water and Fire water.

Hit with the back buckle of the Bible belt. Only the Quiet ones are Left.

After pouring Libations She concluded Snapping her fingers She disappears.

Thurl the Gurl went Home in Style.

May The Choir Never Cease Singing


The Land of Yesterday Yesteryear became a Raging force strongholds more powerful than any hurricane, tornado or scirocco. Then everything went sideways and upside down.

Old World Images

New World Sculptures

Lost in Space yet Found on Earth

Rosie from The Jetsons

R2D2 and C3PO

Wall-E and a bit of Steampunk Courtesy of The Students, Alumni and Professors at The Fashion Institute of Technology

The Boxer

Here we were in the great Outdoors singing improvised Coastal Sea Shanties. Remember the Past for it Contains Future’s Seeds.

An Elfin Fairy Moongazer.

Ignore it. Ignore the internal Primate Music. Chatterbox Chatter.

Fourteen things that make me happy. The 60 year old’s Award.


Fourteen Things that make me Happy

  1. My brother Stephen. Spending time with Stephen is pure Joy.

  2. My cat Sylvester

  3. Spiritual Worship

  4. Good Health

  5. Being able to do my Walking exercises Daily

  6. Writing

  7. Photography

  8. Artwork. Creating acrylic paintings

  9. Eating good healthy foods

  10. Spending time with Friends

  11. Living and working in Brooklyn

  12. Gardens and Nature

  13. Museums

  14. Coney Island Beach

From Herself the Inner City African Fairy Elf


Sob Sister Fell on Her Sword

Sob Sister Fell on Her Sword

Sob Sister Fell on Her Sword. She declined to Renew Her Invitation to the Disease of the Month Club by Ending it All in One Final Gesture.

You look at my like unfamiliar terrain you thought you knew so well.

You search the portals of my Eyes seeking redemption. 404 Message Not Found.

She realized that She had become a source of entertainment and jest. An Object of Pity and Not So Secret Scorn.

She issued an Edict, Going forward There will be No More Celebration of sickness, illness or disease! NEVER AGAIN!

Is this the real me or shall I search for another? Which version? Which flavor? Which make and model?

She laughed with the Wisdom of old age and hindsight. Laughing their words to scorn.

I am Not the Story you Created for Me!

Floods quenched and extinguished the once Fiery Spirit into calm Lakes and gentle ponds.

You think that you know someone but you only know the mask they present to you on that specific day and time.

Don’t get it twisted!

You can never be sure who’s behind the mask.


The Main Ingredient — Everybody Plays The Fool

Paul McCartney– Fool on The Hill

Impaled Sob Sister Sank Deeper and deeper into the Ground which had turned to Quicksand eagerly anticipating its evening meal.

She died. She died. She died.

And We are So Glad that she’s Done.

Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff

More Truth in this song than 1000 Affirmations.