Fusion Poetry ~~ Epistle to the Daughters of Luna

Epistle to the Daughters of St. Luna

Amethyst and Garnet fusion dance THE TARANTULA NEBULA  whirling and twirling like  untamed dervishes through tentacles of Gordian knots. Together they trip the light fantasia. Bobbling, lolling, bobbing and weaving.  Swaying…. Praying… Homage to the Great Her.  Flowing through the Magellanic Clouds of Joyful Paradise.

30 Doradus begetter of infinite universes.  Stars kiss. Morph. Join forces into exploding orgasms each populating whipping legs of sown seeds.

Eternal moonshine of the flightless mind.

Dripping fine veils of hosiery over endless galaxies.

Ella Fitzgerald – Stella by Starlight


Memoirs of an Evening

Sepia toned Duckbill Platypus saddled with plastic implants blonde Double DD barbie doll. Grecian Urn of pale translucent white blue vein skin. All Hail the bright Neon Orange protector goddess. Astro Nose Noise. Brazilian butt jobs. Collagen plumped Lipppeeesss for days on end.

Below Ugly Toe Jam Drama. It jutted out precariously that if one breathed deep and two-stepped succinctly off it would jump into the hairy precipice, down the cliff and into craggy foreboding Temple ores.

The Metronome calls Cadence in accordance with ancient sweet sirens.

Well bred. Well groomed. Varnished White Mares. Striding the pecking order all vying to be Number #1 Trophy Wife.



Oh Divine One. Light up the Evening with your Glory.

Sarah Vaughan – Stella by Starlight