Walk For Autism

An Autism Walk in the UK. Please support both David and I. We are Autism Activists.

The David Snape Show

I always have a think to myself from time to time, laying back on the sofa at home and think about new challenges I could do for the future. Having autism, doesn’t stop me for enjoying life and do something fantastic for the local community. Slowly but surely, using my autism as an advantage for future projects and spreading the word around.

Over the past year or so, when doing my radio show, I have met some truly amazing people in that time. That has led to many opportunities to take part in local groups and even volunteer, a bit like volunteering every Monday night at the Bourne Gateway Club for example. It’s the value and what you put into the local community that gives me a buzz, that satisfaction which stays in you for a long time.

Last month, I noticed that my girlfriend sent me a message about…

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