Macy’s Holiday Windows

Macy’s Holiday Windows

I had to make a quick trip into the City for an errand. Since I had to pass by Macy’s to get to my destination I stopped to take a few photos of the Holiday Windows. It was a madhouse over there so I skipped the Windows with the Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus display. Macy’s puts that one every year.

This year Santa Claus has been projected into the future and the Reindeer have been replaced by a Super sonic sled. Rudolph was downsized! Lots of Snowmen in space suits!

No I don’t go inside Macy’s. Way too many People. Crowds make me nervous.

For me that’s an instant anxiety panic attacks. I don’t attend Holiday parties either.

I prefer Silent Nights and Days.

However the Store Windows are Cool.

Took this picture in Penn Station. First time I ever saw a Black Elf. Guess Santa Claus got Affirmative Action!

A nice young lady dressed up like an Elf gave me this brochure for Dr. Seuss ‘ How The Grinch Stole Christmas– The Musical. Stephen would Love this.

If I had extra money I would take my brother Stephen but times are tight so Broadway shows are out of the question.

6 thoughts on “Macy’s Holiday Windows

    1. I worked in the City for most of my life so I often went to see the Holiday Windows. Sadly Lord & Taylor closed so no more fancy Windows there. If I get a chance I will try to see the Holiday Windows at Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdale’s. However I don’t go inside the stores. The hordes of crazy people shopping is like being in the middle of a stampede.

      In fact since I retired I rarely go to the City unless I have errands to run or must meet someone.

      1. No, no–I don’t do crowds, either. I get overwhelmed and need to get the heck away! I hope retirement is working well for you. Getting to work more on your painting makes me smile.

      2. Retirement is okay However I will be doing some part time work next month. I need to keep busy and earn extra money. Painting doesn’t fill my days. I’m a person who Needs to be busy. Too much time on hand is nearly as bad as not enough time.

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