Still Painting

Still Painting despite WordPress woes.

Like my fellow blogger Betty I’m still dealing with WordPress woes. Please check out Betty’s blog using this link.

By calling their customer service representatives, Happiness Engineers, WordPress is having laughs at our expense.

If not for the Reader function I would not be able to locate or respond to other Bloggers posts.

Life is like a Twin Peaks Doppelganger

A Constellation of My Artwork on display in our kitchen.

All my paintings are for Sale. Please contact me at for more information and pricing.


In the meantime I’m still painting. Then name of this painting

Is Alleyways.

I thought back to the Alleyways behind my

Aunt Helen house in

Dayton, Ohio.

This painting is called

Many Rivers to Cross. Inspired by the song.

16 thoughts on “Still Painting

      1. Yes. Still working from my phone. My laptop died last year and my notebook croaked in June.
        Life is expensive in New York city so when God blesses me with Laptop money then I will buy a new one.

        In the meantime I will keep painting and collaging.
        Thank God I was born in 1959
        And raised in the 1960s and 1970s so I know how to keep myself amused.

      2. I remember your laptop giving up the ghost. Sad to hear your technology’s become more scarce, but I admire & respect your stance on the whole matter. I too must sometimes rely upon my old phone to post, but consider myself blessed to have it.

      1. I understand. I am rather secluded, out in the country, so I appreciate the accountability it gives me. Elsewise, I probably would have found another means. Even so, I thank God for all his blessings today, including WordPress.😇

  1. I don’t do the Reader, either. Don’t like it! I agree with Roos–your house is so vibrant, DeBorah. Your paintings are wonderful.

    1. Now I must use the Reader. WordPress stopped sending me blogs via email which is why I rarely see or read other bloggers.
      My entire WordPress system has more or less stopped working.
      Wordpress has unsubscribed me from blogs without my permission.
      Since all I have is my phone Reader has become my only option.
      However given all the problems WordPress has I’m moving over to Google, Instagram and Twitter.

      Both WordPress and Facebook have shut me out.

      1. Who knows? Anyway I don’t have the time or energy to figure it out. As for the Daily Post or Daily Prompt I don’t miss it because I rarely had time to contribute. I will just move over to other platforms until wordpress software gets fixed.
        Heck lately I only have time to post once or twice a week. I always wondered how people find time to follow or post to these various word or picture prompts. I dropped many of those prompts because there was no way for me to keep up.

    2. Without a laptop or a notebook computer there’s very little I can do with either of my blogs. Maybe this is a sign to stop blogging. It’s more of a pain in the ass every day.

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