WordPress Malfunctions

WordPress Malfunctions

Lately I’ve been having problems with both my WordPress blogs. This one and my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

Basically the only way that I can post on Roaming Urban Gypsy is to create a Blog post on Espiritu en Fuego then Reblog it to Roaming Urban Gypsy. Doing this is becoming a pain since I’ve been creating all my blog posts via my Samsung galaxy cell phone. Yes once again the old notebook I had stopped working in the beginning of June. I have bad luck with laptops and notebooks.

Being that I’m getting ready to retire next month in August 16th I can’t afford to buy a new laptop. Given that I’ve been working as a museum security guard for ten years I know what it is to do without. I can’t eat a laptop nor will it pay my rent.

Therefore I had to make adult decisions based on my income. First I’ve stopped posting on Facebook. No time and I was locked out of my Facebook account in June. I gave up. Deleted a third blog because I have neither money nor time to keep it going. Made the decision to stop participating in the various photo and writing challenges. Again no time and one cannot copy and paste on a cellphone.

Pretty much since June I’ve only posted on my days off.

Also I have my own personal problems that I’m dealing with. There is also a situation going on with My brother Stephen. My private life will remain private so please don’t ask.

As I’ve stated previously I cannot and will not discuss anything regarding my eyesight, health or physical problems. I let the doctors and lawyers handle those issues plus I’ve been burned in the past.

Sharing is Not Caring.

As my parents used to say, Don’t put your business out in the street. I learned my lesson and wisdom of following their advice.

Also being an adult I’m not crying at least not over blogs, laptops, notebooks or social media. I don’t need comfort, hand holding or hugs.

Finally for some strange reason WordPress will not allow me to comment or Like certain blogs.

Since my life is ramped up to the extreme figuring out why WordPress is fucked up is not one of my priorities. Nor will it be until sometime in September.

So if I go ghost or offline for a while don’t sweat it. No big deal. There are things in this life more important than blogging or social media.

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    1. Thanks. I will still post when possible but not as frequently as before. I’m Thankful for the WordPress app for Android. Good app but limited. The Reader function helps in viewing and responding to fellow bloggers but I’m looking forward to retirement and September when hopefully life will calm down to a slow roar.

  1. Take care of yourself first and foremost. We’ll all be here when you sort things out with WordPress. All the best.

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