Ethiopians urge Britain to return bones of ‘stolen’ prince after 150 years

More British Thievery and disrespect of Ethiopia which is an insult to All Peoples of African Descent!! Return the bones now!!

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Ethiopia_Prince Alemayehu Prince Alemayehu, son of Emperor Tewodros II, as photographed in 1868 by Julia Cameron

Here is another outrageous article about British looting in Africa, and particularly in Ethiopia. The remains of Prince Alemayehu, son of the Emperor Tewodros II are still in Great Britain 150 years after his death. How preposterous is this! When the Ethiopian government asks, the British say that they cannot identify his bones, when in this day and age the remains of King Richard III of England have been identified 500 years after his death (Body found under parking lot is King Richard III, scientists prove). This makes you wonder: After King Mkwawa, and Prince Alemayehu, how many African kings, princes, and queens’ remains are still stuck in Europe?

Below are snippets of the article; for the full version, go to: The Guardian.


For150 years, Ethiopians…

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