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Giant Red Eyeglasses
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Year 2525

It all started with a Red Studebaker. A Cherry Red Studebaker to be exact. June Bug loved that car. Not that you’d knowed it as he hit nearly every rut on the pocked marked red clay roads.  Then thars that damned car horn.  Hooga! Hooga!  Chooga! Chooga! At any half way decent looking girl who happened to be strutting along the road or passing along the sidewalk. Nah. He never picked’em up or nothing. Just liked blowing at’em and blowin’em off.

Rackety. Tackety. Hooga! Chooga!  June Bug once a handsome looker in his day is now an irascible old coot.  Irritating. Infuriating. Yet irrepressible. June Bug’s tight coils once Jet Black were now a soft mass of little pepper mostly salt yet his smooth caramel skin remained unlined never betraying his 60+ years. June Bug rattled and rambled more than the old car.  Surprisingly his Hooptie flew through Vermilion’s rutted roads as they were the Indy 500. His deep throat Blues Wails in tune with spurts and jerks of Red Studie as he liked to call her!

“Red Clay Georgia Man. Off to see his Red Bone Gal.”  June Bug caterwauled “My Momma tole me not to marry No High Yaller Gal!”

He tore past the tall Evangelical Trees waving three pronged red leaves that lined the pot holed streets. He motored past long abandoned 20th/21st Century hotels. A few castles here and there littered the landscapes.

And Oh ya the music that issued from his Cherry Red Vehicle.  Leftovers from the 20th Century later found by scavengers of the New Age. A sure fired mashup but what a collection! Nobody in town had his selection. DJ Jukebox June Bug.  Then there were the songs. Songs that issued from his head and out through his mouth and nostrils anointing the air like those old fashioned mini jukeboxes atop tables formerly found in mouth watering greasy spoons. Just drop in a dime and out comes Hittsville USA.

When June Bug ate he put on a performance. Waving his hands, gesturing with his fingers as though casting out bad taste and extra calories. June Bug’s Grace over food was often more fascinating the the victuals before the clan. Them old pot belly stoves did not disappoint. Perhaps these incantations keep away beheaded soldiers from eons past still searching for the lost craniums. Foolish young folks gathering herbs and mushrooms whom elders had warned away entered the maze of the Dream Tracks. A Labyrinth from which none had returned populated by headless wandering souls happy to take your bonnet until theirs is revived.

Junie’s dinner party audience held in rapturous delight beguiled and enthralled by his Griot tongues. Clinking Ice Cubes swim beside Mason Jar Sweet Tea.

Khia a Dedicated member of the Moonbeam Wanderers Expressed a desire to explore the old mental hospital Bedlam/Maldeb located beyond the Western fields. “I would not go up there if I were you said June Bug as he took another bite of deep fried roasted critter.

Miasma Scourge Walks the grounds with his codpiece dripping venom. His galactic bulge is lined with Wolfments and you’ll be forced to Wife the most loathsome of his clan. Nocturnal emissions stain the grounds seeking a fitting vessel for which to replenish dwindling populations. They exude ear wiggs which bore into the brain leaving open wounds from which you don’t recover. Gone Missing. Forced to walk the dream trails entrapped like a fly in a spider’s web.

Upon hearing this news Khia upchucked violent river streams of vibrato nearly forcing Healer Le’Andra to pay  a visit to grounds of Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe.

June Bug Let’s not bring up the Chigy-Nomay at the dinner table whilst giving her great grand niece Khia a forceful penetrating eye warning. Le’Andra shook her flustered head in amazement and despair that Khia was gifted with the wandering explorer gene but no common sense nor appreciation of danger.

June Bug contained his frightful spew shifting to complimenting Le’Andra on the crispness and succulent flavor the the deep fried roasted critter. Critters were animal abbreviations slow moving and easily caught with nets or traps were a welcome addition to any meal.  Le’Andra replied I resemble that remark. June Bug returned answered, “I resemble you.”

Khia much recovered excused herself from dinner table to out to the forestwood moss-glenn. Gathering stones to trip over Lake-pond had a soothing effect on her confused weary soul. Scripted answers and Old Wives tales breathed Khia. That’s all I get from the Venerable Ones!

The smells of flowers, plants, bushes and trees intoxicated Khia’s brain. Khia lay back on virulent mossy leaves with her bare feet resting upon the stones who then began to speak into her toes. Transmuting antediluvian wisdom but not in order making it nearly impossible for Khia to decipher the rapid fire messages. So Khia prayed to Sojourner Goddess anchor your canvas skin shelters near mine that I may gain the wisdom, knowledge and understanding beyond that of the Venerable Ones! Let me Not be swept away by the strong currents of Medicine River prematurely ending my earthly suspension. Imprint upon me my portion that I may fulfill my granted Harvest.

Leftovers from a time when the oracles and seers cried out prophecy yet were consistently ignored by the ruling classes politicians. preachers and pimps.  Pollution had suffocated the land and befouled the oceans in the 2050s of the 21st Century. Land masses broke off and some lands rejoined together in a map reflecting ages long gone.

Prior to human habitation, the floods of melting glaciers had carved out these canyons and created the beauty that stands today. You may bring stones but never take any away. The Ancient Ones see and pronounce Blessings and curses upon those who defile the land.

The Invisible Ones decamped to higher grounds. The Mole people were no longer subterranean centrifuges.  Recurring Lands provided rescue. Ciphers gave notice.

But the 25th Century burned bright and new. Yup a few parts here and there from abandoned auto shops and Old Gertie was as good as gold. Motoring across Pangaea over to Gondwana.


Genesis 8:22

New King James Version (NKJV)

22 “While the earth remains,

Seedtime and harvest,

Cold and heat,

Winter and summer,

And day and night

Shall not cease.”


Zager And Evans – In The Year 2525









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