Society Vs Girls

This post touched my heart and soul. Even though we in the USA sit high & mighty with our so-called equality Laws America has a high rate of domestic violence, abuse against women & girls and high levels of workplace violence. It is not enough to have or change laws. Those laws must be enforced. Really we need to change attitudes and society’s expectations of women.
Ms. Shraddha1993 is a Champion for Women & Girls. I too hold up society and media false expectations to the mirror that the lies will reflect back in their faces. I support Women & Girls Worldwide!!

Free to express

Scene 1 : please Dr. Can you diagnose and tell us the gender of the my to be born kid.”

If it’s a girl I want it to get aborted.

The unborn cried, thinking “is this womb also not safe for me? “

Scene 2:(a loud sound of crying came out of ward)

“Dr. Who has arrived? ” asked the lady. ” congratulations!! An angel has arrived, you have became a grandma, ” replied the doctor.

” oh god! It was better she could have died when she gave birth. “

And there were two individuals crying at the same time one for her life and other for why is she alive.

Scene 3: “

it’s not necessary for you to study, you don’t have to end up doing job, it’s sufficient you have studied for writing letters, go and prepare tea for your brother…

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