Precipice of my life

She has expressed a lot of what I have gone through and sometimes still go through in the U.S.A. Sadly girls and women are targets for these predators. Last year the threat became real but fortunately I was able to transfer to a different company location and I changed my shift. No matter where you live it can be dangerous to be female. I have male friends but find it difficult to establish any type of intimate relationship. Perhaps with therapy I can get to the point where I will meet the right man and have a companion for my senior years (I’m nearly 60).

Rosy Poetry and Thoughts

IMGL4310‘In time we hate that which we often fear’  William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

For a long time I resented(sometimes mistook for being afraid)  of the male species. Years and years of experience solidified that in my young mind. When I was about 11 years old my family had a financial crisis (the one we’ve all experienced)  so we had to move a lot to places where we could set up new business and find cheap life. And in all the places we went there was always a piece of harassment.

At one point,  we settled down in a small town in Western Kenya the almost ideal place and immediately my family set up a small hotel(the best we could manage at the time😁).There is where my fears began I believe.  Since we were located near the bus stage,  the matatu touts and bus drivers…

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    1. It’s a sad truth that no matter where in the world a woman lives she becomes a target for predators. Specifically things are 1000 times worse for Black Women.

      Even though we have laws against sexual harassment, rape and gender discrimination those laws are not enforced. Also being a Black Woman in America makes you an instant target because our lives are not valued. The U.S.A. is not the paragon of Justice that it makes itself out to be. The entire system including the church tolerates violence against women and even encourages it. By teaching that women should submit to men and that men are the head of the household that reinforces the male mind to think that he can do anything he wants to the women in his family, church and neighborhood with no repercussions. So literally men get away with raping and murdering women on a daily basis. Probably more women die from domestic violence in America that from any disease. Men get away with violence against women because society in particular the church teaches and condones it.

    1. True. Many women on my job have been forced to quit because of sexual harassment. I transferred locations because I was threatened by a male co-worker. I’m lucky. Maybe I can retire in one piece. Forget human resources or management. They take the man side 95 percent of the time.

      1. I’m pretty feisty and push back whenever I can but it upsets me when younger women in my workplace come to me with horror stories. It seems like this psycho behavior will never end. My wish is for the younger generation not to suffer but it’s still happening but like you said it’s ingrained in the male dominated system.

      2. Women in general need to become active and engaged in pushing back against this type of behavior and mindset. It’s much easier to accomplish this when one is empowered through education and financial freedom. This is why the fight is so dirty; when power recognizes a threat to the status quo, it challenges those in opposition.

      3. Most of the younger women in my workplace just leave. After all who wants to live in fear every day at work. It’s also easier for younger women to get jobs or open up their own business. I did not leave because I need the money, the health benefits (I have chronic illness. Had a stroke when I was 49) and I’ve got to think about my brother Stephen who has Autism. However because this is a Union job I will be eligible to retire next year. Not sure if I will because I’m still too young to collect Social Security. Also rents in New York are way too high. Since I’m a U.S. Army Veteran maybe the VA can help me get cheaper housing. I always encourage the younger Ladies to take their talents, gifts and skills else where. If I can I’d Love to get a place paying less rent and a job with no standing or climbing of stairs. Now I work nights so I do get to sit some but thanks to arthritis my standing and ability to go up and down steps is limited.

      4. Wow, I get the realities of daily life! I feel that things should be so much better for everyone living in this country and it’s sad that it’s not the case. I also feel that leveraging yourself out from under an employer makes for a more even playing field.

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