23 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Unusual – Dutch goes the Photo!

  1. Great photos. I used to love elephants, and would like to love them still – BUT since they have been coopted as a symbol for a Party I now despise, I can no longer look upon them with fondness. Loved seeing the cityscapes in many of the photos, however (and the Poo Fairy made me laugh out loud). Thanks for sharing – wish I were there!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

      1. Always mean to do so more often – then TIME happens. Can’t sleep tonight – so I used some of that awake time to pay you a visit to see what you’re up to lately.

        I keep getting back up and visiting a few more folks, answering a few more comments, doing a bit more research – then going back to bed to try again. ::sigh::

        Why are YOU up? Are you just starting your day?

      2. I work at night. My shift is from 4:30 pm to 12:30 am. Made the switch last year. I have chronic insomnia so this work schedule is better for me. Also less interaction with crazy museum visitors. Right now I’m eating breakfast then I will take a shower and prepare myself for another day on the job. Hopefully if all goes well I can retire by 2019.

      3. I am awake again at almost noon- drinking my first cup of coffee for the day as I check to see what happened when I slept and answer a few

        Fingers crossed that all goes well between now and when you retire.

        Having been an entrepreneur for almost all of my life, “retirement” is a rather foreign concept. If you don’t make it to 2019, what does that mean? No retirement disbursement – only partial? Is it like disability in the military?

      4. I have no choice but to make it until 2019. I need to be able to live and I need the money. I did not serve 20 years in the military so I will not get anything from the government. Given my and my brothers situation I must make it until 2019. Since we have no family members to help us everything is up to me. There are no other options in my case. When you are by yourself with no support system or help everything aka all is on me. I don’t ask questions that I don’t want the answers to.

      5. You and I are in similar situations about lack of family support — all on me too, for the most part.

        In many ways you are like a single mother, however. I know that’s beyond difficult in ways I can’t imagine, but I’m wondering if it is also motivating in some bizarre fashion – not having certain options gives you DRIVE at the very least. You can’t give up, so you don’t even think that way.

        In any case, I greatly admire your resolve and your continued care for your brother.

      6. Mine is a Union job but in order to retire one must meet certain requirements. I have the age but I don’t have the years of service. Next year I will make 10 years but obviously I am not old enough to collect Social Security. In order to survive I must have that 3 legged stool. Pension, 403B & Savings Plan. I go to work whether I’m sick, tired with not enough sleep, in pain etc…. Unless I’ve accrued some time off my face is in the place. Sure I’d love to write and take photos for a living but that ain’t happening so off to work I go.

        I must be the best sister I can for my brother. I can never take our mother’s place so I don’t accept that title. My mother went through hell when she was raising us. Back in the 60s Women were blamed if they had a disabled child. So all honor goes to Mable Palmer. I’m not doing anything compared to our Mom. She laid the foundation and made the ultimate sacrifice. Mom suffered a lot and that’s why she died so young. Only 68.

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