20 thoughts on “Conway: Magic Microwaves May Have Spied on Trump – The Daily Beast

  1. The next time I heat up leftovers, I will be sure to put my ear to the nukker and listen to what it says. ‘Ditzy’ is too good a word for Conway…..

  2. You really couldn’t make this up, could you? Talk about truth being stranger than fiction. There’s a great satirical magazine in U.K. called Private Eye. I am so looking forward to this week’s issue. There’s such a lot of weird stuff over here right now too.

      1. Yip! The UK/Europe/Scotland issues are turning us inside out. Strange and very worrying times for us all. (Except the numpties who thought they were smart with their votes)
        “Numpties” is a Scottish word meaning idiots, simpletons, fools.

      2. Ooohh! I like that word Numpties! Fits well with the kooks, nut, and crackpots now governing the United States. Living in Numptie-land!! Hopefully in due time and soon the Numpties will dig their own grave then bury themselves in it!!

      3. There’s a lot of words in Scots that far surpass their English equivalents. (I am of coursed biased. I am Scottish, though living in England) And Glaswegian dialect is wonderful. Yes, I am from Glasgow.

      4. I enjoy learning new words from different languages and dialects. We can combine them to fit the situation. Example American government = Nitwits, Numb skulls and Numpties!! LOL!!:) 😀

    1. It’s funny and pitiful at the same time. Makes you wonder how people with absolutely No Common Sense govern or not govern our country. However I believe this administration has within it the seeds of its own destruction. Pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction!

      1. I’ve been saying Proverbs 16:18 ever since this administration took office. Short time or long, they will fail and fail in a huge (Trump pronunciation) way.

  3. How far would they go to defend the lies. I think it will go on until we get used to it, till we get numb and bored by the tales and till we become insensitive to their de-sensitization.
    When I was in college, there was one graffiti in the men’s room that painters refused to wipe out. It read:
    “A million maggots cannot be wrong. Eat feces today”

    1. I believe he will choke on his own lies. Americans cannot just get used to it. We must fight back. My brother is disabled. Who is going to take care of him if his health benefits get cut? The false promises he made will come back to haunt him.

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