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Against the Odds

An unexpected victory? A snapshot of an unlikely moment? This week, show us something that defies the odds.

The Videos speak for themselves. Go Misty!!

Misty Copeland On Changing the Face of Ballet | TIME 100 | TIME

Misty Copeland is Breaking Barriers in Ballet

Extraordinary Dancer – Misty Copeland – Principal Dancer – American Ballet Theater

7 thoughts on “Against the Odds | The Daily Post

    1. Despite being told she was all wrong and did not fit the accepted standard definition of a “Ballerina” Misty Copeland forged ahead and made it everything “All Right!!” More power to her!! ❤

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  2. Ohhh! I love the part where she’s explaining ballerinas don’t have to be stick thin and instead would be best seen as a reflection of the world. Hugs!

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