It’s My House & I Live Here

After some very rude nasty comments on 1 of my posts dealing with Love just wanted to say to that person You Can’t throw shade on my Shine. Mr. Shiny please UnFollow and Unsubscribe from my blog. In fact Delete me from All your Social Media outlets. You will be doing both of us a Favor. Thank you and enjoy your narrow Life.

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

You can’t agree with everyone and you won’t but if something upsets you that badly there is always the Unsubscribe, Restrict, Block, UnFriend, or UnFollow options!! Sometimes I do make general observations about what I see on Facebook or Social Media in general but believe me I’m not losing any sleep over what you or anyone else posts. Why? Because I will kick you to the curb in a hot minute before I allow anything to interfere with my ability to eat, sleep or carry on my daily activities. I have and will continue to Delete Off-base Comments at My discretion. Why? Because this is my Blog.

It’s My House & I Live Here! (Apologies to Diana Ross.) Unfortunately I must disable comments on any type of political or racial blog posts because of the haters, flamers & trolls. Not trying to hear asshole bullshit.

There is no reason…

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14 thoughts on “It’s My House & I Live Here

    1. We can agree to disagree however just like a TV if you don’t like the show you change the channel instead of yelling at the screen. All this negativity makes me want to stop blogging.

  1. That’s a shame…it’s one reason why I moderate all comments, and why I really have no desire to have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account – the racism, misogyny and hatred on all platforms is hideous. I deal with enough of that in my online game…and that’s supposed to be a place for me to relax and get away from the real world!

    Negative people are never welcome in my corner of cyberspace, either…trolls, begone!

    This is how I feel when I see a trollish comment:

    1. Thanks! I think I’ll use that the next time a Troll, Flammer or some other cyber idiot attempts to cross into my domain. I do have a Facebook regular page and Fan page. As a writer and photographer I need to have a FB presence in order to promote/market my work. However I no longer participate in the Facebook poetry groups as there are way too many racists, sexists and bigots lurking about. I’ve never had a problem with my Twitter account as for Instagram other than getting propositioned by naked or nearly naked women I keep pressing on. Maybe these Ladies and I use that term loosely don’t realize that I’m a Woman or maybe they think I’m bi-sexual. I don’t know but Instagram has a Block Function and I use it liberally. Other than that I’m doing quite well on Instagram and Love it!! A photographer/videographer dream. As I’m getting closer to retirement my goal is to continue to use Social Media to move forward with my goals and dreams. I did feel discouraged but why should I let these blockheads stop me. I will keep going.

      1. Co-sign…never let the asshats win! My blog is a troll-free zone, and I do my best to not “feed” them, LOL

        Getting judged or propositioned by people online is definitely creepy! I wonder what the hell is wrong with people sometimes, when they want to try to assume the gender and / or sexuality of another person…it’s crazy!

        Some person, a while back, began a comment in this fashion:
        “Hey I need a man’s perspective on something so I figured that I’d ask you…”

        I cut off the comment and simply stated, “Then ask a man – on YOUR blog, sweetheart!”

        They went ballistic, LMAO! I marked them as spam and blocked them from my blog…but, I get the feeling that they’re still lurking and stalking, at times! Just my gut feeling, and I trust my gut, LOL

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