Eye Spy Spectacle Rainbow Cymbols




So tired and sleepy I get out of the house looking like Rainbow Bright spaced out on LSD with clashing colors, zig zag Zentangles and roaring patterns at war with each other.

So vivid that one needed reflecting shades to withstand the glare. A weak effort to shake myself wake as a living breathing abstract artwork at war with its diagonals curves and sweeps.  Woody Woodpecker resurrected my childhood with his abandoned laughter. Many roads tumbling, jumbling hither and thither across assorted pathways. Abducted Angels absorb my Glory.

As I walk down the street one can hear clashing symbols, whistling flutes, clanging bells, the caw of criss-cross Raven raving Nuthatches committing an assault upon every bodily sense causing transacting commuters to part the Red Sea at my approach. Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors had nothing on me.  A Gaiety of Savage Sartorial Splendor was I!! Vintage dynamics on bold display. Even my hair gets into the act with each plait sporting garden variety Skittles blooming palette. Swerve and verve over upended creeks and vibrational valleys. Today I hear red, black and green calling me to my prophecy.

Jackson Pollack tie-dye kaleidoscopic colors, hues, enveloping me as though I’d been baptized in a vat of melted Crayola 64 crayons. A Holy dip baptism by Paintball Dragons focused on my soul’s Bi-Textual salvation.  I say there! Have the Impressionists begun mixing it up with the Expressionists? Pondering, I cut myself on Einsteins glass beach. Whilst calico kitty groomed away my fears.

Can a Sister get a side of sprinkles with that shellacked cone chimed Raggedy Annie!!


Little Did I Know that He was Watching.