Memorial Day 2013

I dedicate this old post to my Great Great Grandfather, William Henry Halstead, who fought in the Civil War.

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In December of 1863 my Great Great Grandfather, William Henry Halstead, who

lived in Tarrytown, New York, traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to join the

29th Connecticut Colored Infantry.  On his Volunteer Enlistment papers it notes

his occupation as a farmer.  He enlisted for three years and was discharged on the

24th day of October 1865.  He married and had five children.  William Henry

Halstead passed away in 1888 and was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in

Tarrytown, New York.  His wife moved to New York City with her five children. 

Her children grew up in Harlem and belonged to various organizations such as Odd

Fellows, Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Daughters of New


Special honor & glory to the Black soldiers, including my Great, great Grandfather William Henry Halstead, 29th Colored Regiment, CT,  who served in the Civil War even though at first…

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9 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2013

    1. Wish that I had some photographs of him but I only have pictures of his gravestone and where his name is engraved on the Colored Soldiers Memorial located in Washington, DC. Again Many Thanks.

  1. A thank you to all the Black Soldiers both in America and Australia.
    Unsung Heroes who play a pivotal role in wars, in support of their countries conflicts.

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing this!
    Hey, if you want a photo or me to put something by his name (flowers, a note, etc), say so for next time I go to U Street (the AA Civil War Memorial is right by the AA Civil War museum).
    It’d be nice to have you on WikiTree if you want to add his info. there as well, for various projects related to Free People of Color (and I need someone to take over or help with the Slavery Project, pls!!):

    1. Thanks. I had no idea WikiTree existed. The Memorial for Colored Soldiers is not part of the Smithsonian. It’s close by but near a separate Civil War Museum for Colored Troops. As I recall I had to climb or stretch to get two photos. It is an upright monument and I don’t think they allow folks to leave flowers. It’s been several years since I went there but I remember when my cousin and I went into the museum the guy must have really been bored because he proceeded to tell us everything that was wrong/incorrect with the movie Glory! LOL!!

      1. What problem are you having? Sorry, I forgot that you have to register and sign the Honor Code (actually, not to add your own relatives, I think, I forget). If you need, I can add his profile for you. Just tell me what to include (or I can get the info. from your post and then make you the profile manager: will send you an invite when I have your email).

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