Because She Was Born a Battlefield…

Because Women in the 21st Century, in America the Land of the Free? Women are still abused, raped, mistreated and devalued. Because they told me to marry and give away my precious Essence to an undeserving man I have chosen to remain Single & Celibate.

Belo Writes

Because when I was seven I saw my mother got beaten to a pulp and left with bruised eyes and a shattered house and confidence.
Because my father did not carry the burden of raising sickly children and loitered about and I barely knew him.
Because her happiness he thought he could buy with plastics full of food then vanish from the surface of the earth and forget that he bore children.
Because she was told she amounts to nothing because she was unmarried.
Because she bought me colorful items and I was a fag for having a pink shirt.
Because she was 14 and was told her brother could go to school and she couldn’t.
Because she was releasing fountains of blood like a burst pipe each time she spoke out.
Because she was told to be silent in the church and the pulpit is no place for a…

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10 thoughts on “Because She Was Born a Battlefield…

    1. Unlike the original author I was Blessed to have a good Dad. My parents had a solid marriage. Forty years together. However unfortunately I did experience some horrible sexual abuse as a young woman. Things so traumatic that it made an imprint and colored my world for Life.

      1. Thank you for sharing that insight my friend. It is lovely to hear of your parents forty years marriage, I can imagine them as a very loving couple and beautiful people, I sense this through the family pictures you post, kind regards.

    1. True. In many ways women are no better off or safer than they were 100 or 1000 years ago. The more things change. The more they stay the same. In many cultures women are considered 2nd class citizens or in many cases objects to be used and discarded.

      1. I have hope that it is changing. Today when these things happen there is an outcry which did not exist before and it does not come only from women

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