11 thoughts on “Be a Stronger Story

  1. bjsscribbles

    I like your work and have been erratic at my visitation to blog because as you know I have been trying to keep myself balance and writing prayers has been my time with God. Would you like to do a post on my blog while I am in hospital.. I will send you an invitation if you would like to do a post on maybe the psalms

    1. Visit when you can. I know that you are currently going through a rough time. I’ve had my own personal health challenges over the last seven nearly 8 years and I know how hard it is to get through and bounce back. Everything takes time. I would be happy to do a Guest Post on Your blog. Send me an email at deborah.palmer280@gmail.com and I will write a post for your approval. Take you time. Don’t rush. Your main concern for 2016 is to get well. Be Blessed.

      1. bjsscribbles

        Thank you I will send you an invite through wordpress. I am going to take my time, as I know I am playing with the rest of my life now and I don’t wish to do anything to jeopardize my recovery. So I will be taking my time.

      2. bjsscribbles

        sent invite and thank you for prayers, I believe prayer is my way through. I watched a DVD on moving through troubled water yesterday taking in Joshua and his troubles and how you can come out the other side. Belief trust and faith are so important

      3. I received the invite. Yes. Bible reading, faith, inspirational videos, prayers, rest, healthy diet are all a part of making it through towards your healing. I’d even add a sense of humor. Now obviously pain & suffering are not funny in and of themselves but I’ve found that watching a funny movie or a comedy show can help take one’s mind of the distress you’re going through.

      4. bjsscribbles

        Yes and I will be watching some more today. I’ve tried so hard to remain on top and be able to laugh right through. It was so hard last month, it’s getting easier a few butterflies as the days are dwindling. I’ve been having a lot of rest. I know I am going to come out the other side of this with a stronger faith and God on my side.

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