Phil’s Retirement/Birthday Party

Last Night I attended a Retirement/Birthday party for my favorite supervisor Mr. Phil McRae. As a supervisor he was kind, compassionate, considerate and understanding. He always acted in the best interest of the guards.  His morals and values are evident in all his interactions with people.

Believe it or not Phil is 62 years old. I want to be like Phil when I reach my 60s!  Please click on the embedded link to read more about Phil’s martial arts experiences.

As a friend he was always there for me. Phil was someone I could talk to and pour out my heart and he would understand.  I cried on his strong shoulders many times. He truly cared for all workers.  He respected all the women workers, always using his authority in the best interests of the guards. A true standard bearer. I always felt protected being around him. Phil was and still is well respected, admired and love by not just the security department but by any person who had the good fortune to come across his pathway.  If there was a Hall of Fame for supervisors Phil should and would be in it. He will be missed by all.

As you can see from the photo Phil was not only a supervisor but he is also a high ranking Black Belt in Karate. Once he gets settle and rested he will probably open his own Dojo.  Believe me I will be there taking Self Defense lessons because as a single Woman I need to learn more ways to defend myself from all the nuts, kooks and weirdos roaming the streets.

I drank. I ate and of course I danced!! A great time was had by all!



6 thoughts on “Phil’s Retirement/Birthday Party

      1. I could neither replacement him in the field of martial arts or as a supervisor. Those are big shoes to fill and I’m not qualified for the job. Being a supervisor is a job filled with headaches. Phil performed fantastically for 34 years. I don’t see myself becoming a supervisor. I’m retiring in Spring 2018.

      2. It is where we work at. Anyway I did the manager thing in my past don’t want to do it again. Not interested and it’s not worth the hassle. Unless you’ve been there a really long time most guards make more money than the average supervisor. Anyway the current administration would never promote a person like me. I don’t set myself up to fail. I’m happy just being a guard who is moving swiftly towards my own retirement.

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