The Dark Alley – A Short Story

A meaningful story true to life. It will touch and warm your heart. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Simple Moments of Life

Monita sighed loudly as she walked around their dinghy apartment. Her husband had wanted to move from their small village to the city, to give their son, Viraj, a chance to have a better education.

She missed the open spaces, the fresh air and the greenery of the countryside.

Here, the house was like a small dungeon, dark and cramped, with only two windows. The apartment itself stood on a dark alley that had hundreds of shapeless, colourless and formless buildings.

The incessant sounds of vehicle horns, traffic jams and the sounds of shouting and screaming neighbours, through the thin walls, grated on her nerves and drove her insane.

The alley below was unsafe; a number of street gangs operated in the area, and hence Monita went out only in daylight. People generally stayed at home after dark, though the street below, teemed with people even at night.

Her heart…

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