Absolution From a Broken Spirit

Love is building the bridge between others in our lives. Putting our
arms around a loved ones broken dreams, broken spirits and telling them
it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to embrace
the pain both physical and emotional. I’m cut. I’m weak. I’m bleeding
but I’m still me.

See my scars of battle? Will you rub salt in my
wounds or will you apply the balm of Gilead all the while being
nonjudgmental and carry me to the house of the good Samaritan.

Love me in my disconnect, guilt and shame. Love me in my bi-polar faith. Love me
in all my imperfections.

All I ask is compassion in my moments of fragility and to be allowed
to cry. I love you still the same. God still loves you. God does not
require to name & claim, proclaim and affirm, blab it and grab it,
scream or yell, or beat down Heaven’s door, he only requires that you
go through while he is holding your hand.

He will hold your hand through the tempest, the fire, from this broken
shattered life into the next world. My child find rest from this veil
of tears. Well Done thou good and faithful servant.

Broken Angel
Broken Angel