Our Daughters Pull Stars from the Sky

Our Daughters Pull Stars from the Sky

Universes from Oceans Depths

She cuts Reeds from Nubian Nile Ready to craft The Holy Papyrus Scrolls summoning Life from desiccated Forms.

Call Forth the Hebrew Prince of Egypt. Performing sacred rites while reciting from Holy Scrolls.

Within each ruminations of Her and she employing that speckled eye Language to clean out ragged rustic dreams. A not so pampered She Wolf Guided by Arboreal Voices

One day a witch the next an Oracle.

Reeds for Stylus

Every hexagon honeycomb a container of worlds.

Oh Queens of Civilizations lost to time and Memory. Beseeching the Breakers of bonds. Destroyer of Delusion.

Upon being dropped from great heights through cumulus formations nearly succumbing to the lowest of Depths.

Our Wings were made stronger enabling us to Fly.

Some Flew while others took Refuge in Caves only to be impaled by stalagmites and stalagtites. Their corpses a horrendous warning to cocky explorers who fail to heed Voices of the doomed.

The Grandmother Clock bellowed in pain filled prayers.

Creeping Vines weaving out moss carpet roads giving directions to frantic minds. Covering Spaces while mending broken Places.

Piercing The Celluloid Cloud to See God



Splinter Stories from the Hardware Store


Piercing The Celluloid Cloud to See God


“Hanesberry-SeaTek Soul Manufacturing Corporation. Celestial to Terrestrial.   Haberdashery from the spirit world!”

Ms. Zazu, Welcome aboard!  Enjoy the Orientation experience!

On the surface Peabody appeared to be a simple plain milquetoast rather nondescript man but when he opened his mouth the gift of gab was on display. Peabody was also Blessed to have deep soulful purple sapphire eyes.  Reflective orbs that looked inward as well as outward causing those on the tour to melt like satin soft velvet.  Eyes that could lift your immortal soul from its corporeal casements.

A uniquely and slightly disturbing feature in a soul system seller.  A step up I suppose from the fat pomaded bejeweled thugs who had infiltrated this business making it more sinful than saintly.  Pompous puffed up killer penguins.  Wise guys of the underworld operating from the abyss.


“Follow me down this hallway as we move forward, outward, onward and upward!”

Entranced by this expressive enthralling yet off putting man Zazu dutifully followed him through the hallway into and through mystical doorways.




Yes Zazu, we have souls in all shapes, sizes and consistencies.  Bilious, Ethereal, Foggy, Ghostly, Glazed, Nebulous, Murky, Musty, Cloudy, Misty, transparent, translucent, Reflective, Shadowy, shady, Hazy, Ambiguous, dark, light. We can even project them through our magnificent stained glass infinity mirrors which provide a kaleidoscope of past and present.


Applicants possessing familial ancestor cards are in luck because they can keep the incarnations of soul splicing within the realm of genetic memory and DNA connectors.  Names are a good reference point but if the name of the ancestor is unknown or long forgotten an image or likeness is perfectly acceptable.



Parents provide the body, location and genetic format. We provide the soul.  Each person gets their own unique soul even twins, triples and multiples.  However Multiples retain certain connective arterial junctions and junctures, trails and pathways that remain unbroken with each incarnation.



The Souls are kept in their respective receptacles until the requester is matched with a suitable or persistent donor.  Most soul donors go through many cycles due to being dissatisfied with either the body that selected them or the family castaway dynamics they were thrust into.


Depending on your selection based on DNA and genetics we can even provide slightly used recycled souls aka “Old Souls” reconstituted into fresh new bundles of Joy.  Or if you or a family members prefer we can take a soul or a myriad of souls from different cultures, natures, traditions and belief systems to incorporate them into a chubby weeping, wailing crying gurgling humanoid that any advanced primate would be proud to shelter and raise.

We can even tweak the time space continuum allowing souls to move backward in the earthly time line but never forward.  Our time travel option is somewhat limited. Sometimes souls are born out of time or into a time period where they don’t fit in but Heck we guaranteed souls not the sentient being into which they might find themselves.

Sometimes we get requests for souls of fictional creations both literary and cinematic.  This presents a challenge but we aim to please therefore we compile an adjusted tweaked reorganized compilation of characteristics as given from the fictional characters original creator.



Certain Soul requests derive from magical mystical oral tales passed from generation to generation for them we require the services of the Pegasus Unicorn.  The majestic beasts although riderless are equipped with invisible saddle packet pockets on either side in which to place the mystic dinosaur eggs plucked directly from the Akashic Library.  The Akashic Library Records cover all cultures, countries, nations,  rites/rituals, traditions, tribes and spiritual belief systems.



We get lots of requests for the souls or rather the soul characteristics of many famous Hollywood actors, actresses, singers, entertainers, sports figures, dancers, etc…  However we try to discourage these choices as souls coming from those professions have fame, money and good looks but rarely any real self-confidence or inner peace.

Those requests are more costly as they often entail an ending filled with tricked out hearses driven by teams of decked out Pegasus Unicorns.  Soul transportation and transfiguration does not come cheap on any level or in any stage.  Hollywood, TV and movies stars plus sports figures take on mythical proportions that even death cannot seem to dispel.  In fact the longer they lay a moldering in the grave the more fanciful and larger gains of illusion and delusion .


Often they are quite vain, ill-tempered and once they reach the desired fame factor they tend to develop a sense of entitlement.  Little realizing the public often has the last word.  They flare up bright and fast but burn out quickly much to the consternation of the customer occupying that particular flesh container.  The Live Fast and die Young crowd are mostly likely to wind up snuffed out like a candle in a strong wind.


Big problem with the Muses, the Fates and the Three Graces over when to and how much or how often to Bless them with intelligence, talent, beauty and grace plus when to cut the umbilical cord.

Mr. Peabody kept up a brisk pace causing me to break into a quick canter which came to an abrupt end when he unexpectedly stopped short.  Plain Mr. Peabody transformed becoming regal with perfect bright white shiny teeth that beamed a blinding smile, dark polished hair embodying a sleaze bag kind of look that took me by surprise. A Suave Sophisticated Patent Leather Elegant Lover who made the sweat roll down my back and between my butt cheeks.  Oh What Debonair can do. It elicits root feelings once thought left behind.

Turning slowly his melodic eyes held mine but for a brief time that threatened to edge into eternity whilst he explained that evil, wicked, demonic souls become wandering disembodied entities seeking spiritual empty flesh houses, obese lusty grey rats or cockroaches.

Svengali Serpentine spell interruption.  Inner force field between us broken.  Or was it just punctured? Who knows? I certainly don’t?




Yours Truly,

Red Beryl


Stella By Starlight









The Return of the Prodigal Daughter 


Happy New Year 

The Return of the Prodigal Daughter 

Havana Heart Cabana 


Blame it on the Bossa Nova




That Sweet Husky Whiskey Lauren Bacall voice back-lit by fruit and mint flavored jalousies was no match for the Gold, pearls, diamonds and rubies sparking against Obsidian skin.  Sky high stiletto heels worn as birds of prey. Ready to strike at any given moment..

Gourmand cigarillos distilled in Gin.

Nubian Night Cinnamon Cinema.

Queen of the Smokey eye. One quarter open. Three quarters closed.

Her scorching nature aligned with me.

Hair fallen over one eye Aladdin’s Veronica Lake.

JoyBaieda Rueine was the ruin of many a poor man’s soul.  An Enchanting Hazy Super Moon simmering coming to a boil just below the surface.  A Sassy Sexy Sultry Siren.  Springing up during the Gold Rush and leaving just as quickly.

Blame it on the Bossa Nova 

JoyBaieda was an impromptu Madam when necessity dictated.

He Caught wisps of ghosts as she passed by.  Softly illuminated by ambient light gentle rings of smoke formed Saturn’s Hallowed Halos around her womanly curvy body. 


Truly she was a conversation Stopper.  Men were lost in Ruminations absorbed in her sensuality.

We are Ebony Swans Ravens in Gilded Forests


Saturn’s Sunset Moon Rings


JoyBaieda Rueine slowly turned her elegant head barely acknowledging my presence whilst giving me that once over slow up and down visually assessment that Onyx Women are so very good at doing.  Ever so gradually turning the rest of her towards me her lips opening beckoning yet the words burst the mood.

“This place smells like old mens ball sacs.  It’s filled with filthy beer, whisky and gin soaked bums who look like they were just released from the local Bowery Mission hall.  You’re operating a Holding Pen Wastrels!  Are you running a homeless shelter populated with forlorn drunken losers?  No. Wait. I just answered that question. 

You promised me an elegant Bar & Grill serving upscale clientele. An elegant seaside Cabana. Now I feel like I’ve thrown my money down a sewer and invited all the Mole people to come in for cheap drinks on check day!  The Eclipse will be here sooner than you think and you’re still not ready. And if we’re not ready. We can’t go and we’ll be left behind in the mid-1950s forever!

Pig headed bastard!  You’re nothing but a Pretender to the Throne!”


Dream Lover Fantasy aborted. Bitch Mode in process. Engage. I felt like I was sitting in a cold damp mist after exiting a relaxing soothing sauna. Breath.

It took all the mental and emotional effort that Emerson Skreech could muster to form sentences that made sense.  Word Selection. Operate.  Emerson had to go through a mental flight plan each time he uttered a sound as he struggled with ill-fitting dentures as well as a pronounced lisp.

Breath. In. Out. In the midst of getting my scrambled thoughts into coherent words She made that serpentine motion with her tongue removing the salt from the edge of her drinking glass in one fell swoop.


Room John 3:16

JoyBaieda had consistently checked the dials, gauges, and meters wondering why the absorption rate was glowing so slowly that it was almost at a stand still. Formerly troublesome tremulous Nepenthes had ceased leaving their home-base making it even more difficult to feed the diameters so the process could continue. Even the formerly tremulous thermostat was silent. Quiet. Too quiet…  Made her wonder if the Settlement would survive  Then wonder why the Dayforming process had slowed down to the point of going in reverse.

Must employ the Wisdom of the Strix and their descendants The Nephilim


“There were giants on the earth in those days… the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them”. (Gen. 6:4) the Nephilim?



At that thought She spotted the little multicolored Whirlwind. As she watched it began to spin. As it spun it grew larger whilst moving in a circular pattern as it approached her. Then it began to take the form of a young man with a handle bar mustache, top hat and frock coat.  Unexpectedly a beautiful young woman materialized along side him.


With the coming of the Strix Eclipse the Dead shall Mock the Living.


Quite the Dapper Gentleman aren’t you Uncle Henry and I see you’ve brought along Aunt Carrie!  Carrie beating Henry to reply with a gentle noble head said, “I tired of the Gibber jab of Hibernia Watson and decided to accompany Henry on this quest,.

JoyBaieda breathed a sigh of relief that Aunt Carrie had accompanied Uncle Henry as Aunt Carrie was a skilled Steamstress.  Surely Aunt Carrie could get to the root of the problem, speed up the Dayformer in readiness for the Eclipse.

Well Now Folks Let the Soiree Begin!



Henry Keyser


Aunt Carrie ~~ George Gordon’s Sister

Weeks Prior

Here’s the Key.   Persevere and keep it safe.  Without it The Eclipse won’t accept you or your family.  And with those words of encouragement Busker Boodle and his band of Merry Henchmen were on their way into the Universe.

The memory jerked itself from his mind then became morose and downcast at the uncertain yet certain reality any future relationship with the Gorgeous Hellecat.

Gorgeous Hellecat.  The Odalisque.

Produce the Key and Live.   No Key = Condemnation to a washed out Time Warp Fairy-tale Oasis.



The rate of Absorption is glowing slowly. And I know why.







The Rising Sun
Psycho Barn House