Future Perspective




This week, share an image that represents the potential of things to come.


Future Travel ~~ One Day will we travel on airstreams and air-rails instead of clanging subways in the dusky dawn?  Will future generations fly to work on Jet powered-energy packs ala The Jetsons?


In the Future will Art & Images be downloaded into our brains as in The Matrix?  Will holograms be then projected from the Mind’s Eye?  By concentrating my focus on another sentient being shall I then be able to communicate creativity across the universe?  Then shall the Happy City shine forth.



Mirror. Mirror on the Wall. Show me the Future of the Fairest of All?  What if said Mirror were an anagram parallelogram of Dorian Gray? Able to show both past and future lives all in one glance?  Would you risk a dare to time travel infinite galaxies worlds gone, present and yet to come?


And if every word typed was a portal innumerable Futures the winding tape and clickety clack a step into a great unknown.  I suggest an idea and this youthful oracle guides my destiny.  Burn the Blessed Sage. Scatter the Bones. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Return.



Gary Wright – DreamWeaver Official Video


The Matrix – The Oracle


Pick up the phone! Pick up the Phone! Your Future is Calling you! Will you answer?

The Matrix Escaping from Work Scene HD













Any Size Mirror is Judgment

Any Size Mirror is Judgment

Crushed to Powder ~ I want to pull myself inside out…….to avoid notice, I want to hide even from friends and allies.

I want to disappear from the world.

I want to erase all the hurt, pain and sorrowful memories from my mind.

My armor is weak. I have no defense. Layers of trauma enfold my Life so that I may never return to my former self. Yet I wear the Happy Face. I pretend for the benefit of those who have eyes but cannot see.

When can I be real? I grab for the ghosts of my parents. Their embrace still warm upon my skin. Yet memories rekindled fade into nothingness…Like trying to pick up a dream after awakening.

One cannot undo scrambled eggs nor can all my broken pieces ever fit together again. Some are scattered to the four winds. Others are crushed into dust. Most are lost never to be regained. One day the Phoenix will rise again and take Her place among the Ruling Goddesses.