The Prisoners’ Confessions


The Prisoners’ Confessions


Robotic Voice

Robotic Voice taking up space inside warm bodies

A Drone whose destiny is predetermined

She only envys the rich not for their designer clothes, private schools, luxiourious trips to secluded beach botanic island hideaways, or doorman apartments



But for the power and control they have over their lives, their destinies.  Not so much Their ability to make snap decisions to walk away as their option to walk towards new opportunities and fresh uncharted waters with no financial or monetary worries.

Connections and money opening doors where once walls exsisted.  No 9-5 for them. No bully bosses. No evil supervisors.  Whereas the working class batter bloody fists hopelessly against cement concrete thick brick walls.  The working class attempting to climb greased glassed walls.  Attempting to ascend through ceilings made of six foot thick plexiglass that cannot be shattered.

She marvels at the ability to choose from a myriad of excellent options.  All good. None bad.  Always reaping rewards. Never consequences.  The Cornecopia is always and forever free flowing for the rich and wealthy.

The Rest of us have been assimilated into the Hive merely for the conveniece and pleasure of the rich and wealthy. Serfs forced into place. Any who try to escape will face adjustment and return to the Status Quo.

I am suspious. Where have I landed?  Is there really no escape.  Each time I assay the trap holds firmer the noose becomes tighter. Twas my premonition from birth that freedom was only illusion to one who was low caste born. The Village populated by freely elected idiots with a meglomaniac holding the highest office in the Land.

Yet that glimmer of hope within cannot be completely stifled. It trills out sweet melodies calling Her forth to a new land.  A new reality.  A new dimension.

Once mid-Blink I spotted the Promised Land.  Once Forlorn I funnel through swampy muddy bog chambers Seeking Searching for Sunny Sand Surf Elysium.

Black Moses be my Everlasting Redemption. Black  Moses ~~ SHE Who Restores Order to Chaos.





My Fellow Baby Boomers will get or at least understand why I chose these two specific popular 1960s British TV Shows. Anyone born between 1946 and 1964 will see the references. Many of the References in the Prisoner allude to the Cold War and Communism but in the 21st Century until the evil wicked mantle of Capitalism its the modern workplce. The Job where you’re nothing but an ID # Number, A badge, a Unit, merely a cog in the wheels of fast moving machinery. Also speaks to the horrors of mental/psychiatric wards where patients are treated like Prisoners. Given pills/drugs and other treatments that do more harm than good.  























A Newly Discovered Photograph of Harriet Tubman Heads to Auction

Fascinating find! 

Do the gods Shed No Tears?

Woman Warriors Rebellion Roar!!!

When the Village is under attack, the Warriors stand ready to defend the people. Every Primordial Goddess and Queens of the Seven continents sound the War Cry!  Nzingha, Judith, Deborah, Hatshepsut, Kali, Ishtar, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Bodaceia, shall all arise from Earth Mother Gaia, take up the Sword as well as the Spear to reclaim the Land and set Justice for Her Peoples!! For Justice has removed her blindfold and joined the avenging Army.

Candace of Meroë
Candace of Meroë

Vassals, slaves, sharecroppers. One bondage seems to begat another.  Tilling land for another. Giving away hard wrought crops. Women-wives given as chattel, cooks and sex slaves in despair and fear of displeasing a drunken sadistic male calling himself a husband but far from the definition. From one man’s hand to another. Pay Tribute to the Patroon! Bow down! Grovel! Hat in Hand! Are you really To the Manor Born?

Women a bride price. A Dowry given. Property exchanged. Skeletal hands beckon to a sideshow horrors. We who raise children and create nations are relegated to shame, guilt and fear. Oh my girlchild you were born a target, an object of scorn second in place to all your younger brothers behind you. Your redemption lies in a fruitful womb.  Your worth as a source of male heirs to the Throne.   For the barren lie desolate consigned to the wasteland beyond the city gates.

Candace of Meroë
Candace of Meroë

Legion Queen  Candace, Fallen Leaf, Running Eagle, Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Mulan, Tashenamani, Tomoe Gozen, Boudica, Hangaku Gozen, Yaa Asantewaa, Amina Sukhera, Oya, Yennenga, and Zenobia ride in on Red Dappled Mares and Winged Unicorn Pegasus gathering up the fallen, carrying them to safe harbor.

Rise up and be spoken! Rise Up and be Heard!  No more shall we remain Silent. Victorious we march taking back our Queenship bestowing grace, power, authority and pleasures evermore to our female Womb Jewels. Treasures and treasured from now on.

Woman War