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Do More than just Thank a Veteran for his or her service. Actually provide Veterans with practical assistance which does more than empty Thanks.

Sp4 Deborah Palmer

U.S. ARMY, November 1977 to November 1981

Women Veterans are often left out of the loop. We are forgotten.

Housing, transportation, food, tangible help no more empty Thank yous. Don’t be critical of people choices without knowing their options.

Occupy Until I Return — The 6% and the 99% Join Forces

Occupy Until I Return – Part Two

Occupy till I return. The word occupy here means not merely to possess, or to take up space as it often does in our language, but to improve, and in the instance of activism to use our talents, gifts and abilities to advance and expand the opportunities, rights, and freedoms for those who may not have a voice or are under oppression. As we Occupy we Redeem the only the time but people worldwide who are victims of tyranny and domination. Our efforts are instrumental in changing their lives from victims to Victory.  So Jesus commands his disciples to improve their talents; to make the most of them; to increase their capability of doing good, and to do it until he comes to call us hence, by death, to meet him. See 1 Corinthians 12:7Eph 4:7. (

Stephen & DeBorah Occupy Albany
Stephen and I in Albany ready to meet the Legislators

Activism Progress Update: well latest news is that the major subject of debate in the NYS Assembly is the OPWDD 6% proposed cut. As I see it if they’re still debating then there is still a chance to restore the money for Stephen Palmer and all special needs people. Also I’m writing articles for Advocate’s Voice newsletter published by QCDD and I’m joining forces with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the Hood and Occupy Together. I know I used to disparage the Occupy Movement but now I feel they are more organized and have better direction & focus. Plus I need my fellow Occupiers. We all need them. Let’s all safely and peacefully practice the principles of Civil Disobedience.

6% Budget Cuts Rally
Me protesting in front of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office Friday, March 15th.

I do not believe in anarchy. My calling is to Occupy within the system. The current structure of government is not going to disappear, however we must make our elected officials accountable and hold them responsible. We must make our voices heard by going to City Council Meetings, Town Hall Meetings, engaging our New York State assemblymen in Albany, marching, protesting, rallying and boycotting. I still believe in the power of the vote and the power of the purse. They go hand in hand. Resistance but peaceful resistance.

God Calls Everyone but Some don’t answer. Many including those in the church look at Stephen as somebody who needs to be fixed but it’s not Stephen who has the problem it is the temporarily abled. By saying Stephen needs to be cured, fixed or healed imply that he is defective. No that insulting attitude needs to be fixed. That type of bigotry needs to be cast aside. No more warehousing of the developmentally disabled and people with special needs!! Defenders of the Faith need to defend “the least of these” — those who are vulnerable in our society, and that includes the disabled, children, our persecuted LGBT sisters and brothers, the elderly, abused women and Veterans.  No more domestic violence or sexual abuse against women and girls. No more Willowbrooks, No more special needs/developmentally disabled kids/adults hidden away in attics or basements. No more brutal murders and suicides like Matthew Shepherd, Branden Teena & Tyler Clementi.

We who claim to follow Jesus and his principles must speak out and make a stand for justice, for what is right and honorable. We have the power to put an end to evil and injustice. Activism knows no age limitations or religious barriers. Look at the example of our young sister Malala Yousafzai who risked her life to get an education not just for herself but for all girls and young women in Pakistan. Those who are called can no longer hide inside their storefront churches or within mansion edifices. The world needs us now more than ever!

Malala Yousafzai -- Our Young Sister Activist
Malala Yousafzai — Our Young Sister Activist

Ecclesiastes 9:11

King James Version (KJV)

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all.

The Time is now! The Doors are opening! Let’s us march onto Victory! The Battle is not over and Triumph is on the Way!!

Please also take the time to read Occupy until I return Part I published October 14, 2011.

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Marriage Equality
Marriage Equality


Generational Curse? or What is the new definition of Blackness?

Generational Curse? or What is the new definition of Blackness?


Our young people are being fed a steady media diet of mindless drivel which they mistake for supreme wisdom, truth and as an acceptable lifestyle.  In the name of “Keeping it Real”, morals, decency and values have been cast aside.  Fame & fortune gotten through illicit or illegal means has becomes society’s new aspirations & goals.

Who do our young people worship and hold in high esteem?  Snooki, Brittany, Lilo, Kendra, any rapper, Housewives of ________ (fill in the city),  Lady Gaga, and of course the latest apostle Charlie Sheen.  Of course then there is Hip-Hop.  Music that started out as fun, a bit light hearted and fill with societal messages has now become a medium in which our people continue to degrade Black women, uphold illegal lifestyles and program our children into idiocy and foolishness.

Spirituality, Intellectualism, the pursuit of Knowledge are laughed at.  Young African Americans have a narrow view of what Black means.  Do the Millennials conceive of Black in terms of the baroque painter Juan de Pareja, Aleksander Puskin, Alexander Dumas.  Do the names Charles Drew, Hugh Masekela, Maya Angelou, Diana Sands, Diahann Carroll, Verta Mae Grosvenor, Douglas Turner Ward, Roscoe Lee Browne, Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones, Gloria Foster, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Gwendolyn Brooks, Langston Hughes, Josephine Baker, Calvin Lockhart, mean anything to the younger generation or have they been conscripted to the dinosaur age?  Is Malcolm X and Angela Davis just posters or pictures on T-Shirts?

Despite Disco and Blaxplotation films all the time I was growing up it was stressed and imprinted on us that we must be a credit to our race.  We must uplift the race. We had an obligation to do better.  Be better.  Education was held in high esteem.  Teachers were venerated.

Now the new order of the day is how low can I sink, how many clothes can I take off, how much illicit sex can I have and download it onto the Internet, how many curse words can I use in public, how much can I offend and disrespect our elders, in general how low can I sink to be authentically “black”.   I find it very sad to see our children not only believing but living the hype.

To Be Young, Gifted & Black

By Donny Hathaway