Wayside Baptist Church 70th Anniversary

Calling for Art Supplies! Calling for Art Supplies! Wayside Baptist Church is having its 70th Anniversary in August. Yours truly is heading up the Art Show Committee.

This Art Show will Celebrate the Creativity of our Children. Therefore I’m seeking Art Supplies for children who range from 3 to 11 years old. We will be constructing drawings sketches, dioramas and Swag Bags. My goal is to also have a Raffle so our efforts will be self supported. And of course our kids need snacks. Must feed those youthful Creative minds.

Wayside Baptist Church does so much for the Brooklyn Community in terms of Free Food Giveaways on Wednesdays in conjunction with St. John’s Bread & Life. Wayside also distributes Free clothing on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wayside Baptist Church
1746-60 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Rev. Zidde Hamatheite, Pastor

Please Email me at deborah.palmer280@gmail.com for information on how to make financial donations via PayPal. Your Support is Greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

QCP Footsteps for Progress 5k Walk



Footsteps for Progress

Queens Centers for Progress

A Walk to Benefit People with Developmental Disabilities.

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

81-15 164th Street, Jamaica, NY 11432



My brother Stephen. My Life.

Fundraising for Queens Centers for Progress. QCP Bellerose is the Organization that cares for my brother Stephen who has Autism.
Please donate to QCP so that they may not only continue but expand programs and services for developmentally disabled children and adults. Thank you!

The Peregrine

The Peregrine

Some things are Lost That You don’t Get Back. Thoughts are consumed by memories put on replay. An endless loop of hope filled Happier times.

One always grieves for what and Who is Lost.

Losing yourself is the most deeply felt. Rearranging atoms and molecules.

So many Thoughts went on in Her head as she sat by the empty bed. Sometimes at Night She would lay across his bed not so much for sleep as that had eluded her for weeks, but rather to absorb his scent which was slowly dissolving with passing time.

His bedroom now a divine sacred place where I shower altars with copious tearful offerings.

Fading like dissipated mist. And that bird. Not native to these parts. It first appeared two weeks before his transition. Warbling with all its heart it’s song brought a peace to my suffering child. Eased his pain. Interrupted nonstop seizures.

Comforting my Paradise child through his Souls transition from Time into eternity.

He once terrestrial in the blink of a moment became Celestial.

On the day of the funeral, a Gravesite service entire flocks of various avian species serenaded better than the most skillful singers.

The Groundskeeper

So Many Wrong Doors. Wrong Doors are open while Keys to the correct Doors are Lost.

The Repo man stole Her heart then Her Life. She was found among Laurel and cypress trees.

Ashes to ashes. Dust to Dust. In a daze waiting for someone to wake her up telling Her that it was all a bad Dream. As the Funeral Director guides her through the motions She realizes that this is her New reality.

She is an open wound seeping blood and pus.

Heaven Gains More Angels.

While all Left to She and Her are gravestones marked with Names, birth and death dates. Only Her and She know the story behind the dash.

Yet lately I’ve heard a familiar warbling. A persistent chirp. A persistent breeze turning the spokes of his old bike not ridden in months.

A Vague flash of Angel Wings caressing face engulfing my being with his presence.

Mommy it’s alright now. It’s alright.

I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

After Edward Hopper



Dedicated to Zoey and Cecilia who both lost their disabled children to the Angels of Death.

I Was a Stranger and You Invited Me In

Matthew 25:35-40 — For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me. I was sick and you looked after me. I was in prison and you came to visit me….

Leviticus 19:33 – 34

When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, You Shall Not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among, you shall Love him as yourself……..

The Native Americans followed this principle for the First Thanksgiving and the white man rewarded them by slaughtering them, passing on diseases and stealing their land.

Europeans were the first “illegal immigrants. “

When I was in the Army I had tear gas training. Tear gas is horrible for adults. My eyes were burning and I was choking but I was a soldier so that was part of my training. Tear gassing small children? It was America that put dictators and puppet governments in their birth countries. Where do you expect them to go? Also I would have disobeyed the orders and risked court martial. No way that I would gas kids.

America Gods judgment is upon this country especially the evangelicals and fundamentalists who twist the World of God turning good into evil.

Watch “‘US must have dominance in space’: Trump orders creation of Space Force” on YouTube

Say What? Another WTF moment making Americans look like a nation of idiots! President Spaceballs now wants to dominate outer space!

So the United States government has money to fight imaginary enemy space aliens but No money for the New York city Transit system which has nearly completely broken down. The subways and buses are totally screwed up!

By the way we are governed by so called leaders with No morals or values who have put babies and children into Detention Centers!