The Chatty Grim Reaper: This Page Intentionally Left Blank



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Khia and Rhyan were now locked in full on virtual mental battle that engaged the uttermost recesses of their neural networks. At this point when as Khia began to weaken under mental strain backup arrived. Dhani who embodied and manifested all thought demons had taken on the flesh and now stood ready to utterly destroy Khia vibrant frequencies. These frequencies were the only vibrations Shielding the the Khemetic world. Perhaps now Khia’s Struggle Dance was about to turn tables as it was a sign of desperation that Dhani had summoned denizens of the underworld.


Palnoor and Palsot in the Guise of Trillionths?

Khia inwardly exclaimed, “Do my eyes deceive me? Is this just an   Ocular Delusion? Ah Yes. I have entered the Wheel of Time.”

The Soul Transporters came rushing in tearing down Rhyan’s Rheumy Rusty battalions drowning them in Myrrh and Frankincense.

Dhani in retaliation unleashed a pack of albino mutant rats that ate everything in their way including each other. Dhani knowing well the accelerated power of the Grimoire lobbed Khia’s faults and flaws over her head like demented tennis match.

The skies crackled with electrical energy as the Nightmare called Dhani emitted odors from the horribly tangled and mutilated bodies littering the mental landscapes like so much dinosaur dust hurtling through space. Dhani’s venal proclivities Cleo and Leo were akin to marauding  protruding Vulgarities bent on chaos, havoc and utter destruction.

The battle raged along the Infinitesimal fringe.


Palnoor and Palsot dispensed with the magic myrrh and frankincense opting for strength of Trillionths which sprang from their foreheads set for Rhyan targeting Dhani. The chase was on.


After running what seemed like miles exhaustion overtook Dhani who lay where he dropped into a mossy forest glen his body prepared for confusing floating nocturnal images. There the roots held him fast as other root systems penetrated his skull sutures and thrust forth liquefied brain matter.



Death Angel

Requiem for Bertie

Requiem for Bertie

Angel of Death
Angel of Death

A walking cadaver feasting yet never full.  Hollow sunken cheeks. Fetid breath.  Mortuary bones clacking like castanets signal a dirge for a being hanging onto life yet bound for the grave. More specter than man. A rambling absurdity. Vultures patiently await thy final fall. Ye reek of the morgue. Thy entire body festers as a gangrenous wound.  He beckons! He beckons! Rub him down with frankincense and myrrh!   Ready thy flesh for winding sheet and cooling board. Turn back all covered mirrors!  Face thy head to the North Star. Every road ye tread leads to the crypt. Thy Tomb awaits thee and bids thee step in.

Island of the Damned -- Bocklin
Island of the Damned by Bocklin

The smell of death accompanies thy uprising and approach.  A stench emanating from thy despoiled core lingers in every room.  Onlookers vainly swing their heads in disgust trying to dislodge tastes of putrid flesh invading their tongues. Youth and health have been dispersed to the gale like leaves whipped by the windstorm then fallen to soil. Leaves decomposing returning to the earth from whence they came.  No potions, brews or concoctions from Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe can save thee now. Threescore and ten shall not be thine for the Fates are poised to cut life’s cord.

The Pale Horseman rides for thee. This night thy soul is required.  Ferry passage has been booked and Charon awaits you dockside for thy journey across the River Styx.  Once shiny obsidian bursting with life now ye become dusty white-grey urn ashes.  A tree that once stood tall in the forest has fallen never to rise again.  Strong saplings are pine boxes for many Potters Fields.

Once to the bazaar now to the funeral.  Maggot courtiers await the beck and call of thy rotted corpse. Hypnos wicked opium dram shall deliver thy harvest ready soul gathered unto Thanatos sickle and scythe.  Journeys fueled by alcohol, cigarettes and sugar end much too soon. Yonder cemetery will be thy new home.