17 thoughts on “Still Fine at age 59

    1. Thanks. The temperature is going up to and over 100 degrees in New York city by tomorrow. Today was over 90 degrees. I’m staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and ice tea. I also have delicious smoothies during the work week.
      I’m looking forward to retirement and free me time on August 29th.

    2. Thanks Ivory Queen. I’m staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and iced tea during this heatwave.
      Over 90 degrees today and going over 100 degrees tomorrow. The Big Apple is Baking!

    3. Just wanted to let you know that my Facebook account has been hacked yet again and I’m locked out of my Facebook account. Have not been able to get back in.
      However I’m still doing my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy and creating artwork, specifically abstract art paintings.

      1. Praise God for Air conditioning!
        Actually a forced Facebreak from Facebook is a good thing. Just these last two days I’ve been able to work on five of my paintings and complete three. So that’s my Silver Lining. 🖼🎨🎨

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