Wanted: Young & Single & Free ~~ A Grown Folks Post ~ Adult Rated

This is a Grown Folks Post ~~ Adult Rated

Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love

Can you Handle It?


Honey Cone – Want Ads 1970

Time to add some romance to my life. Had one summer fling last year but I’ve decided I don’t want to deal with men in their mid-60s who think they are still players. I ain’t got time for that. I see other women in their mid- to late 50s dating younger men so I do believe I will expand my horizons. Not interested in robbing the cradle but women should have the same options as men have had for many years.

Yes there might be snow on the roof but there is still fire in the furnace! Well not much snow thank’s to L’Oreal Feria!! LOL!! For those women who have not crossed the bridge past 50 romance is not just the domain of the teens, 20 or 30 somethings. Menopause is not the end of one’s sex life or it should not be. Things might slow down but there is always the opportunity to restart one’s engines. Also I’d like to sweat for a better reason than a hot flash! My head still turns when I see a good-looking Bronze brother-man except now my common sense dominates as opposed to my hormones.

Wanted: Young and Single and Free!!  Well not too young. Searching for my Chocolate King from 45 to late 50s. All your mechanics must work without the help of that little blue diamond shaped pill.  I’m not trying to push your old ass offa me after you done had a heart attack!

Financially stable. No romance without finance. Yes I want the flowers, chocolate, spa treatments including hair, hands, feet and all that a true Queen deserves. If you’re ready to obtain. You must maintain. Yes I am worthy! Gigolos hit the door!

Personal hygiene is a must. Ladies you’d be surprised how many men who don’t believe in bathing, deodorant or brushing their teeth think they deserve a mate. No way!

Yes you must believe in God. Going to church every so often won’t hurt. I need a Christian man who is free-spirited and a free thinker. They are not mutually exclusive. Read the Song of Solomon. The most romantic book in the Bible.

Must like to laugh and have a sense of humour.

I take good care of my body and so should you!  I am 50+ Fabulous!!

Louis Jordan Reet, Petite, And Gone

Physically fit. I’m not trying to get next to Quasimodo or the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. If you gotta lift up your gut to find your “package” then I’m not the woman for you. No Jabba the Huts need apply. Your application will be returned marked Rejected in big red letters. Yup! Returned to Sender at address unknown!!  Bald is no problem. Telly Savalas aka Kojack and Issac Hayes ~~ Mr. Hot Buttered Soul were the sexiest men on the planet!

Isaac Hayes ~~ Hot Buttered Soul
Isaac Hayes ~~ Hot Buttered Soul


Don’t cha just wanna reach out and rub that head? Tell the truth! You know just wanna caress the dome!

Who Loves Ya Baby

Must love cats. Love me. Love my cats. Both of them. Otherwise you won’t be getting anywhere near the other ‘cat.’

I’m ready to be your Ebony Queen. I don’t do side chick nor do I believe in man-sharing. I’m more woman than you might know what to do with. If you have an account with Ashley Madison stay away from me. But then again you’re probably already busted anyway?! Right!

I like to go out and enjoy myself. Life is meant to be lived. I’m ready to travel and see the world. How about you? Curl up with a good book? Better yet curl up with a good woman.

Where are you my African-American King?