Chia Monster Zombie thoughts



Zombie Candy ~~ Will you turn into a Zombie if you eat the Candy? Who knows and Do you Really want to find out?


This Week’s Challenges: October 22 – 28 (OWPC, WW, JHC)


This Week’s Challenges: October 12 – 28 (OWPC, WW, JHC)


Wow this month has flown by! This is the last full week of the challenge!

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Chia Zombie


If I eat Chia seeds will a Chia pet take root within my internal organs and begin growing inside my body? Then when I least expect it start sprouting from my ears, nose, mouth and even my pores?  Or in 9 months will I give birth to a baby chia monstrosity?

When the townsfolk in their distrust and horror chase me down, stab me in the heart with a stake, shoot me with a silver bullet then bury me in unconsecrated ground and when I arise during the full moon covered in greenery will I be a Chia Zombie? Will I in my zest and haste to grow and be powerful consume an entire box of miracle grow turning myself into an Avenging Green Warrior for Mother Nature?

If I should be redeemed by a traveling oracle will I then join forces with the Alfalfa and the Omega?  Chia seed points to ponder.

And Looking at Chia Seeds from a Healthy Standpoint

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  1. ha! you are funny with this – an my spouse loves chai seeds – loves them – and of course we have had a few chia heads over the years – but never zombies

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