High Fructose Zombies

This Week’s Challenges: October 22 – 28 (OWPC, WW, JHC)


This Week’s Challenges: October 12 – 28 (OWPC, WW, JHC)


Wow this month has flown by! This is the last full week of the challenge!

Each Sunday, along with the challenges of the week, I’ll post that week’s daily Halloween themes here. You can respond daily or weekly, however you choose, just keep it spooky! Share an image, write a poem, make a collage, you choose how to creatively respond. Anything goes!




I don’t think the Easter Bunny will leave any of these treats in your basket! Unless he is a Zombie Bunny!! ❤



Zombie Candy? What’s Next?  Definitely morbid sugar overload!! After eating this candy you would probably become a real life Zombie!!  Creepy Candy!! LOL!!




High Fructose Zombies
High Fructose Zombies

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12 thoughts on “High Fructose Zombies

  1. So many bizarre confectioneries out there. Zombies have always been a huge draw for some reason and the fascination is not limited to kids. These sugary treats are not only displeasing to the eye but also to the taste buds. Its like you are chewing upon sugar times ten…. yuck.

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