The Old Nags Ball

The Old Nags Ball

Pygmalion and Galatea Auguste Rodin  (French, Paris 1840–1917 Meudon)
Pygmalion and Galatea
Auguste Rodin
(French, Paris 1840–1917 Meudon)

While all the Painted Ponies dance across the floor sipping champagne unable to send laughter through Collagen injected lips at small talk chatter jokes. Solid firm perfectly rounded breasts standing at attention and ready to fire B52 Bombs at slow motion cocktail waiters.  Goddess above and rotted corpse below.  Grandma and grand-daughter are now at competing odds.

O! Swing your partner round and round.

The face is tight. The chin is firm. But Oh Lawd Have Mercy the turkey neck swings. Her boobs jut out like missile beams. The Old Nag’s body betrays her incisions. Carefully wrought needlework now all a tangle. Who but Satan would want to wrangle?  The Old Nag’s Body has come undone!

Restylane, Botox, Liquid Face-lift #3 ~ Kabuki masque woman no expression has she!  Doused with fillers until surgery!

Spin that syringe round and round.  Whomever it points to is next to be bound!

Money filled piñatas burst open over raised hands plastic surgeons and diet doctors worldwide. Yammering flesh sculptors fancy themselves modern day Pygmalions smooth talking road map lined youth fetish chasers into believing they will be ivory sleek Galateas.   Focusing on fixing the exterior phony faces while the interior soul rots from within.  Their parties continued unabated until cruel Fate Atropos cuts the thread of life, their final preservative embalming fluid.  The Players got played and are kicked off Life’s fancy stage.

Is Youth the Ultimate Deception?

Will we stand still forever at Ill-fated Gate #27?  Last call for Charon’s Crossing!!  Amy Winehouse, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain all Members of the 27 Club.  Forever frozen in their prime. Forever frozen in time.  Never to join the Council of Elders.

Do we yearn to be like them only gifted with Eternal Life?  Let’s not join that grisly club.  Dermal fillers promise to make us Benjamin Buttons with the ability to leap backwards and time travel to a long gone youth. Fountains of Youth which flowed from springs now dead once beckon us Modern day Crusaders to pay homage to the Altar of Articol, Sculptra | Radiesse.  Plastic surgeons are Merlin Magician High Priests of the Well Preserved. Like Jams & Jellies. Fruits & veggies we are well kept Mason Jars filled with embalming fluids and waxen countenance awaiting Judgement Day.


Beautiful Deception


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