A Powerful Share From My Recovery Pal “Trey”~We All Start Somewhere Right?

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Hello Recovery Friends, Seekers, and Welcome New Friends,

I wanted to “Re-Blogg” a POWERFUL BLOG POST about Alcoholism by a great guy and wonderful recovery supporter of mine. He has a Fantastic WordPress Blog also, here: http://treyzguyblog.com  “A Day In The Lifeless “…This post touched me to my core! so I asked Mr. “Trey” if I could share it on my blog with all of you. See, even though my main addiction I’ve been in recovery from 7 years is Addicted Compulsive Gambling and a wee to many “Cocktails” when I gambled, addiction is addiction to me. It’s why I blog not only about addicted gambling, but all types of addictions.
Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Sex, Food, all addictions have many of the same “Behaviors” from one disease to another. I always say we can never have to much information about “Addiction,” and those of us in recovery all have a “story” to tell inside…

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One thought on “A Powerful Share From My Recovery Pal “Trey”~We All Start Somewhere Right?

  1. Author Catherine Townsend-Lyon

    *Thanks My Friend!! I know “Trey” appreciates you sharing! He really is a *Sweet* guy, and new in recovery, so I luv supporting him! Hope all is well your way. Have you dug out of the Snow Yet?….LOL *Cat* Xo 🙂

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