“We Can Change Lives One Donation At A Time”

Catherine is a Woman who is changing lives for the better. Her blogs help the general public have a better understanding of mental illness. No More Stigma!!

Bet Free Recovery Now Shares Hope, Support, & Resources From Problem Gambling & Recovery.

Hello Recovery Friends and Welcome New Visitors;
It’s almost a New Year! So I hope you will join me in continuing to share “Hope” with others who suffer from mental illness & disorders, and those in recovery from addiction!

I’m sharing my new “New Donation Website” to ask for your financial support & donations.As a Writer who suffers from many “Mental and Emotional Disorders,” and the many medications I take, prevent me from being able to hold steady employment due to the side affects of the medications and my symptoms. I also have “Adult Attention deficit disorder and OCD. After having a professional career in “Banking” for 20+ years, and then be told by an employer your to slow, you don’t pay attention or take direction enough, and not good enough,  only to be let go from a job, is very hard and difficult to take. Lets not let this happen to someone else. I ALSO SUPPORT & NETWORK WITH NAMI….
It's Time to take action

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