Japan Rain

Japan Rain

Mystical Animal Avatar

Rain–Once Mother Nature’s friend.

Sends Acid Rain.

Burning our delicate skins.

Layers peeling, revealing eons of hurt and anguish, once suppressed in eruptive tectonic plates shifting. Now Earth’s anger has been released upon the innocents.

It is said that death comes in threes. Thrice damaged, will our sweet Islands nation survive or will she vanish into the sea from whence she was birthed.

Nay, Japan shall arise like the Phoenix from the ashes loudly proclaiming, “She is still the Land of the Rising Sun!”

Rain is God’s Tears

Watering the Earth

Sweet Anointing pouring over His people.

Washing away internal and external poisons.

Let there be rebirth in the realm of the Samurai.

So shall it be saith the Lord!

And as for I, my faith is restored within the heavens.

Within my internal cosmos.


Black Unicorn as Phoenix