Uggs take the Ugh out of Winter Snow



Dear People of Australia,

Thank you for inventing Ugg boots. I have two pair. One that kept my feet warm but not so good in wet snowy weather and the other pair are the heavy duty water resistant ones that I’m making ample use of today since it is snowing like crazy here in New York City.

They are expensive but worth the cost. I’ve had mine for a couple of years and they are worth the overtime and extra money as they keep my feet dry and warm in these nasty NYC snowstorms. I was fortunate to get a discount as my girlfriend’s cousin worked for the Ugg Outlet/Warehouse so I did get a reduced price. She no longer works there so I got my Uggs right on time.

And Yes Your Girl aka Your’s Truly was out there shoveling snow. One of my many and varied NYC survival skills. I probably have the best arm muscles and biceps during the winter! Not so good for my bad back! Ouch!! Anyway I employed the push the snow method as opposed to lifting and throwing. Snow like the MTA NYC Transit System gives you unwanted and unplanned for exercise!! LOL!!

I know it is summer Down Under and I truly wish some of your warm weather could be transplanted to New York. I really despise snow but Hey it’s January. I live in New York and snow is what happens during New York winters.

Here are my Warrior Ugg Boots!!