Climbing the Stairway to ……………..?


Stairway to???

Step by Step

Stair Steps to a Picturesque Village where horrors never cease. One can hear the groans and moans of the dead and dying.  Once a battlefield soaked in blood, guts and gore now a grassy field with heather and lovely weeds. Dandelions blowing in the breeze. The Village. A Beautiful unspoiled happy Village.

As was Declan’s evening habit he went walking in the neighborhood historic cemetery which was located quite close to his home. Silence time. As he walked his thoughts mixed with the crunch of late Autumn leaves and early hoarfrost. So deep in musings was Declan that he was totally unaware of the clicks, ticks, buzzes, snaps and pops that emanated from the trees and foliage. An electrical storm of communications and warnings that went unheeded.

“Just for sport. Just for sport. He muttered under his breath.”



It was her startling blue eyes like orbital sapphires filled with charisma and grace that first got you then like suction drew you within.  Spider eyelashes flicked and flutter as she raised a beckoning hand bedecked with moist blood red nail varnish.  That wet Lacquered look ala Elvira and Vampira except Rheema had that cornsilk golden spun hair and girl next door looks that threw you off balance contrasting what a Dark Angel should appear.

That Golden hair spun loose a malevolent energy changing Declan’s former awe to complete disgust. Declan watched with mounting fear as the people formerly surrounding him were torn apart into mangled masses of flesh resembling sides of beef or badly butchered pork loins.  Her banshee screams and wails caused bodies to explode and implode accompanied by cries of the unfortunate corporeals………………….




Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.