Walking Wednesday

Walking Wednesday

Been doing my Fitness Walking since early January.

Since last Year end of August 2018 God has been healing my body. Healing is a process. No more aches and pains. No more joint pain. No more soreness. The arthritis has pretty much disappeared.

Truly I can say that I’m in better shape at age Sixty than I was for most of my 50s! The proof is in the Steps.

Pretty much I’ve been getting in my walks every day other than when it was Snowing, Sleet, or icy conditions. Nor do I walk when the temperature drops to Single Digits. The sidewalks in Brooklyn are an ice skating rink that I refuse to traverse.

I Refuse to be a member of the disease of the month club nor will I be a Sob Sister. Those days are over Never to return.


Also back in early January I began working part time at the Brooklyn Public Library. I’m a Literacy Resource Specialist meaning that I perform Outreach in the Community for adults seeking to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma formerly known as the GED. I work out of two Adult Learning Centers located in low income working class neighborhoods.

So for everyone who was waiting for me to fail or be struck down by sickness or disease, Let God be true and every man a liar! God is Truth! God is a Healer and a Deliverer!



Daily Soulful Strut Steps

Daily Soulful Strut Steps

Stepping into Purpose

Samsung Fitness Walking Goals

Exercise and Walking Goals


In January I was intrigued that my Samsung Galaxy cellphone had a Walking App something like Fitbit. So on a whim I decided to activate the app then go forward with my Daily Steps Challenge.

Quickly I was hooked! Every day except for the Snow, ice, Sleet and Single Digits days not only did I complete my Step goals but many times greatly exceeding the 6000 step minimum.

Moving forward in life through exercise, writing, Photography and artwork.

Walking Music

I don’t usually Listen to music while I’m walking because I like to be aware of my surroundings and any photo opportunities. However just had to share this Oldie but Goodie.

Walking in Rhythm by The Blackbyrds

Eventually after tinkering with the Samsung Fitness App I discovered that I could share my daily Walking Goals.

Walking calms and centers me.

I’m extremely pleased with my walking accomplishments thus far and I hope to reach higher steps numbers in the months to come.